Friday, January 25, 2013

 If you have ever read my other garden blog
you might just know that I have been feeding a feral cat for years and years
we have a staring relationship
He stares through the glass until I get him warm chicken
But since it has been so cold I have put out some dry food for him
and yesterday
if you read my know that I went to a lovely affair with my Prince
.....just as we were about to leave, he looked out the door
and gasped..
Really, he said...I think your mink has arrived
What are you talking about? i asked as I went to the door
And mother may I.....there eating Handsome's food was a mink
....we don't have mink here
We thought it to be a weasel...but no, it was a mink
with an injury to its fur around its neck
Good golly
We watched it struggle to eat the dry found
and then it hopped away in a funny front leg than back leg prance
....I really need to turn off the WELCOME light

What a way to begin our evening


  1. That must have been quite a surprise Suz. My in-laws also feed a feral cat and they have had other guests from foxes to raccoons to opossums, but never a mink. I wonder what this little ones story is.

    1. I think he must be an escaped pet

  2. I wonder if he/she was a pet that got loose or was abandoned? Do mink run wild in that part of the country??

  3. ha. you are getting to have a regular old zoo...i thought it was a rat in that first pic...

    1. ha...never thought'd have to see this fella up close....definatley a weasel or we believe..a mink
      ....all brown and very small..nice fur..really..hee hee

  4. Oh dear, you've been recommended to all wildlife.

  5. I wonder when that mink will come wondering back...

  6. Great tale Suz, and what a big heart you have!

  7. Great post. Nice atmosphere on your blog. I like it here. ;]
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  8. This is a great story. It shows what a wonderful person you are.

  9. It's an ROUS! Rodent of unusual size, from Monty Python ;)

  10. Love it! I've never seen a live mink -- we have weasels -- though I never see them either.


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