Friday, April 12, 2013

I was needed at my daughter's
opportunity for some Finn and grandma time
Most of the time it rained and was chilly
...opportunity for rainboots and an umbrella

But Grandma.....I like them both
and I want my superhero umbrella

This is the sweetest boy on earth
and he makes his Grandma
as he looks out the window
at his tree....Mr.Ebbersberger's a long story...but that is the tree's name
and we hug it everytime we are together
...seems his parents aren't into the spirit of this relationship

It's still raining Grandma!
can we walk to school


Finally his mama decides that we will drive
and he decides his red sneakers are the best choice

After a long day at preschool, lunch and a little playing
he crashes....
and I just watch him
a miracle
as all children are
He took a bath too this afternoon
used his papa's sage and sandlewood soap
so he can smell like his Papa

Today we made a birdhouse out of a milk carton

and hung the wool bird nesting stuff ball

played a little
find me Grandma

bird watched


and before we came inside for lunch

I took a picture of him next to Mr. Ebersberger
.....a tree I once believed was part of the Indian reservation
now gone

Finally a goodbye at the door
see you next week

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  1. What a beautiful story! Took me back to my time with my grandmother on the farm...such perfect memories, and you are creating the same for him!

  2. My time to be a grandma will come, but not yet. This post has been a most lovely reminder of how it might be. What a blessing your little Finn is, Suz. (Of course I LOVE his rain poncho!) xo

  3. that bird nesting clump ball is a cool idea....
    and sounds like you have been having some fun...smiles...
    its cool to wear two different boots...

  4. Your grandson, Finn, what a handsome and inquisitive treasure. You have been blessed, along with Mr. Ebersberger, of course. Isn't it wonderful to have that special contact, special memories you are instilling. He will follow in your footsteps too.

    1. oh it is....we say goodnight to Mr Ebersberger

  5. wonderful moments and pictures, and ahh the tree hugging tradition, it's great :)

    1. thanks and ahhh he's a grand tree

  6. What a fun way to spend a day--I'm sure next week can't get here soon enough!!

    1. my kitties aren't looking forward to next week
      But you are right was fun

  7. What an adorable grandson! He must bring you a lot of joy. I love the batman outfit. When our boys were little my wife made them a cape and they used to run up and down, first shouting "Up, up, and away!", and then "Down, down, I'm coming back!" They also had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes, if you can remember those. Now they are in their twenties and tower over me. Sigh.

    1. oh sigh indeed...and yes I remember the turtles
      How sweeet childhood can be
      and what memories we get to hold in our beings too

  8. A tree with a name, I find that charming! What a beautiful boy, and time spent with you...priceless.
    Nice choice on the shoes Mr. Finn, can't go wrong with red ;)

    1. hee hee...I just knew you would approve
      Oh boy is he a chatterbox

  9. i love it!... love it all! the story, the pictures, the momeys together!.. i want to go home. our little angels will surely make me calm and happy. one thing i need the most.


    1. family...home
      You're niece is so precious
      I would miss her too

  10. So sweet Suz, makes my heart want to burst!

  11. Oh Sue! What a darling! And oh...that tree; what a wonderful memory - you need to write a children's book!

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