Sunday, April 14, 2013

yep, I might just have to go there
...just look at that girl pose...
she's a natural
and her brother...a goofiss
The blondie is a friend visiting from Chicago

Laguna beach and a bathing suit
oh heavens
I haven't worn a bathing suit in 5 years
..but that's the great thing about grandkids
they expect you to look old
...they love you
the way you are
bless them

I love to count my blessings
not look at what I don't have
..makes life a joy
and I love joy

yes, I need to go to the warm climate of California
...sooner than later
I need some little arms welcoming me
and telling me all about what is going on in their lives
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  1. i love joy too...wish i was at the beach...looks like a fun refreshing day to good suz

    1. Brian....I need to get over being good

  2. Enjoy the sun, the sand and mostly the family members who'll think you haven't changed a bit.

  3. I am so glad you are having a great time with the grands. Take care, friend.

  4. thanks for sharing some of that sunny joy over here:)
    oh happy day for sand and sun and grandkids.

  5. Yes you do, sweetie. Go see those grandkids. It's the sunshine that you need. It's the joy that needs to fill your heart.

  6. I hope you get that chance, time passes much too quickly and there are a few visits that I should make too!

  7. Oh, I'm imagining you with your toes in the sand, playing with those beautiful grandkids!

  8. Something to look forward to Suz!

  9. Like going back to the beginning...when perhaps life was a little more simple...and we thought it would always be that way. Enjoyed the write and the pics!

  10. Those little darlings are worth the travel, adorable pics and sweet children.

  11. I'll say - look at that pose! Adorable!

  12. you are very true. kids innocence is amazing.

    lovely kids...



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