Thursday, May 23, 2013

Little Isla didn't make it into this world
but one year later we remember her
remember the struggle
the pain
the heartache
the letting go
the love

if only every child was as wanted
It is raining today
yes it is raining today
and I remember your little fingers and toes
remember holding you
and whispering
to you
that I loved you
and would see you again

thats what faith does
it comforts



  1. Sending an extra dose of love and comfort your way today, Suz. xo

  2. she waits for you
    with a smile on her face
    that this dark world of pain can't touch
    and there is comfort in this, too;
    her beautiful, beautiful name remains
    and the sweet spirit that touched all of yours
    with her gentle worth.
    you love so well, dearheart;
    it warms my heart.
    love and healing comfort to you,

  3. Faith does comfort and gives you the strength to continue on.....

  4. Nothing to say that will make things better. Just sympathy.
    Take care.

  5. I think of you as I hold my sweet babes close. You will see her again and hold her in your arms.

  6. Isla will be waiting for all of you. She's happy and in good hands.

  7. Been thinking of you, and missing your posts..... please don't be sad.

  8. Oh Bea, you and your family are in my thoughts today.

  9. I hope you get all the comfort you need....peace.

  10. Beautiful...and heartbreaking. You are in my heart.

  11. I don't know the whole story here but you are deserving of some comfort...know that all of your thoughts of little Isla keep her memory close and at hand.
    By the way...I didn't even notice the robin in that photo! Keen eyes you have there!

  12. Beautiful words, Sue...thinking of you.


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