Friday, May 3, 2013

It's that time again
...a runaway
...a seeking sanctuary getaway
...a retreat
to The Clearing
in Ellison Bay, Wisc
We'll be looking at
....last time it was Fitzgerald in this class
..Can't wait to see Decaprio as the Gatsby
....Can't wait to see if I have any writing in me
....haven't written since Isla Maeve
left us
....death is a nasty visitor sometimes
and sometimes a welcome guest
either way
death is always noticed
...and I have tried hard this year
to ignore it
afraid the darkness I felt inside this effected all of the family
would spill out and I would ...
well, I can't tell you what I would write
but it wouldn't be interesting to anyone
..just cathartic
...and that isn't storytelling
So ..we'll see..
The teacher is a wonderful Buddhist
God sends you what you need, I think
...this should be a make or break it week
...but it will be fun
Lake Michigan sunsets
..always cheer my being
bye for now
...and just to let you know
....the news I have been praying for
has come we'll just have to wait
9 months
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  1. i imagine you still have writing in you...enjoy your get way...

    and gatsby does look good...

    1. hmmm but that Daisy...not sure about her casting
      and we'll see about the writing

  2. Soak up the possibilities this week. And hooray for answered prayers. xo

    1. oh I will...and hooray is right
      ....thank you

  3. I just shed a tear, or 2 :) Have a therapeutic time!

  4. Sounds like great fun, and I'm sure there is still fun and writing in there! I look forward to your journey!

  5. Relax and let nature do its magic. You will be OK... no matter what. You have to want that joy that comes with the other stuff... the sad, scary, confusing stuff. Joy may not be visible sometimes, but it's there, my friend, It's always there.

  6. Hi Suz, I can't imagine that you won't be writing, every time you put down words, you write in the most wonderful way. Enjoy your gettaway and have fun.. you once wrote something as a comment on my blog that was so healing, it has stayed with ever since, and that was January 2010!
    I don't belong to any writing sites any more and I miss it.
    Be happy and blessings Chris

  7. I love Baz Luhrman. But, he doesn't usually do serious - more gorgeous. So, I am nervous. Have you seen it? What did you think?

  8. Well, yes! You ARE going! Ellison Bay is so inspiring, exciting. Enjoy the intoxication of the Lake, your writing and the goddess-given muse.


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