Friday, August 16, 2013

My two old ladies
They tolerate each other
they are united in hating Boo


He's too fast and too playful for them
Ms. Kitty' O'Shea has a bit of arthritis
and Ms. Abigail is a recovering feral
she gets spooked by everything
So today seeing them together on the stairs
was a smile moment
How did Ms. Kitty ever get up those stairs
I saw her staring up the stairs this morning
dreaming of the times when she was queen of the night
sneaking up on the bed and snuggling in for the night
but those days are long gone and Abigail has taken her place
even bringing us toys to wake up to
I have been away in Galena since Monday
and I think the old gal has actually missed me
I'll bet she heard me tell my mother that there are days
I say to myself.....
just do it....and I do
no matter what
but I can't sustain it long
Ms. Kitty O' Shea
can't either
she's back under the dining room table
I can sympathize


  1. smiles...we just move at a different pace....ha....lovely old cat could not keep up with our kitten either...

    good to see you! smiles.

  2. Beautiful photo of the "ladies". They look like they are on their throne.

  3. Missed you, Suz. Love your kitties.

  4. I have missed you! Lovely to see the old girls, I also have two of my own, a rescue and an adoptee. We all live in assorted two and four footed harmony. Most of the time.

    I'm finding that I can barely touch my toes these days .... and a home pedicure is a thing of the past. we cope. we find joy and it is enough!

  5. How good to see you posting Suz. And life is never dull with cats! :)

  6. Love the pic of the kitties on the stairs!

  7. An Edwardian lady in full dress was a wonder to behold, and her preparations for viewing were awesome.silks saree

  8. Another fabulous photograph on the carpet runner. And I totally relate to this post. Our 20 year old Tiger, who used to climb to walk the beam across our family room, does her best to get up and down to use the litter box that has now been moved from the basement into her room so she doesn't have to travel so far. But she is the happiest cat ever, always purring and smiling with her eyes...

  9. Your kitties look regal and proud. Especially on the stairs.


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