Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sky mind
I look up
  become part of vastness
Then I see the plane
and my sky mind
returns to just
washing dishes


  1. ah the plane brought you back down to reality...i have def fallen under that spell...been storming my sky is a bit clouded....but gimme some blue and i will go flying with you...

  2. Perfect moments are all to short Suz, but wow do they talk to our spirit!

  3. when i lived with 5 teenagers who never cleaned up after themselves I thought I would go into a dark pit of despair with all the dishes. Then I taught myself to be calm and at peace...i learned to enjoy the pleasantness of the light from the window shining through the colored glass of the dishes, the smell of the soap. It helped me so much. Of course, I would never again live with people who had so little respect but I did find a way out of the dark pit. Your poem reminded me of that time.

  4. I love your sky mind:)
    And what you capture so well
    with your seeing camera:)
    Thanks for sharing the beauty that you find,

  5. Beautiful pictures! But those dishes won't wash themselves. ;-)


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