Saturday, February 1, 2014

They always find my house

I have seen this scraggly, dirty old cat a few times
...but not during this artic weather we've been going through
I did spot some cat footprints near our garbage can
and this morning I looked out and saw him
hiding under the mugo

He came onto the deck
but all there was was birdseed

He ran when he saw me
ran under the deck
So I went outside and dropped some dry food
by the opening going under the deck
He came out when I went inside
and ate

Who could resist that face
not me
ps. I meant to post this on my garden blog, but oh well
I guess I was meant to share this with you
We are expecting another blast of snow and cold
good grief this is the longest winter
I can hardly keep up with the bird seed
But I give thanks that I can help any of them
...the least of these


  1. I couldn't resist that face either, and I'm glad he's found a meal and safety at your place.

  2. i am glad of your heart and willingness to care for him...
    its a hard world, we all need a bit of love to keep living
    and the conditions are so hard at times....

  3. I'm glad that old survivor found his way
    to your warm heart, suz.
    stay well and warm,

  4. Oh Suz! My daughter rescued a cat very similar to this one in early November. Put notices all over the neighborhood, no one responded. "Yoda" is now a happy member of her household. Never met a sweeter, more gentle, lovable cat. Good for you.

  5. Where do the stray cats come from?
    I am glad you are feeding them too.

  6. I'm glad he found you. Keep feeding him and maybe some milk too (if it doesn't freeze first). He needs you in that weather. He will stay. Animals know who the good humans are. Do you have a garage you could get him into? Poor thing. That last photo... oh my... he needs you.

  7. We have had strays over the years and once they accept you they are so loving and loyal. And they always know where to go, in this instance "Suz's Home"!

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