Monday, February 3, 2014


Little Tuula
was a light bringer
lighting her mama's life with overwhelming joy

and Finn's

Yesterday was not only Superbowl Sunday
but Candlemas
A celebration of light
40 days after the birth of the Christ child
his mother went to the Temple
with her son
She went to the temple to offer a sacrifice
as required by mosaic law for her purification
while her son was seen by Simeon
who was told by the Holy Spirit that he would not die
until he had seen
 the Light of the world
Yesterday a day to honor the Lord as the Light of the world

Candlemas is also halfway between Winter solstice and Spring Equinox
ancients celebrated the lengthening days
commemorating the annual beginning of the agricultural year
delivering them from darkness
Some people celebrate this day without electricity
...try that on Super bowl Sunday
But I did light candles
and thought about the light the Christ has brought into my life
the light that never extinguishes in matter what
it is warm and comforting
a constant....for me....a light within
Not that darkness never tries to overwhelm me
but I fear it not for I have hope and light
I'm not certain about this winter...will it ever be over
today it is to drop to 8 below and tomorrow more snow
light a candle I say to myself
and gaze upon it and know
the season will change in due time
I have heard that one ethnic group
celebrates Jan 6th (Epiphany) with a circle cake
with wisemen figurines in the center
and inside the cake is buried a little Christ child figure
the one who gets the baby has to throw a party
on Candlemas day.....with tamales
Sounds like fun 


  1. Candlemas...I love the idea of the beginning of the agricultural year. And the light of your grandbabies is exquisite. xo

    1. lighting a candle always feels so good...looking into the flame..very meditative
      Oh I adore them ...lights..all of them

  2. hey i could def get down with tamales....
    i will take any reason to celebrate as well....smiles.
    beautiful little one...

    1. Tula is beautiful.
      May the light and warmth of hope keep shine on us through the darkest of our days and the coldest of our seasons.

    2. from your pen to God's eyes
      thank you Kyra

  3. What beautiful photos and two sweet children... a reason for Candlemas.
    Spring will come, my dear.

  4. A lovely meditation for these dark days, Suz. And I'm glad the cat found you!

  5. A beautiful new baby! And I learned so much I didn't know...what lovely traditions.

  6. Oh my GOODness, she's here! Look at her, look at them :)

  7. What a beautiful Baby Suz. And it is so good to feel that connection with something which is much greater than ourselves.


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