Saturday, March 7, 2015

Essays.....not so much, but we'll see

I'm finding that I haven't read many essays.

Since starting my one essay a day, I realized there was a reason for this....I haven't liked the ones I did read. 
But there must be a reason Bradbury insists that you read them.
I've ordered the above book of essays by Donald Hall. He was married to one of my favorite poets, Jane Kenyon.  A curmudgeon of a man. I think part of him just died when she died of leukemia. I anticipate some strong, unlikeable writing here.  But I am sure, very interesting in its own way.
I am also searching on the internet for essays. I don't own one book of essays. Maybe this one above, will be the only one I will own. But maybe this kind of writing will open up things in my writing that I never knew existed. Or maybe not.
Reading one poem a day is like cheating.........a pleasurable thing I do often.
I have been reading Hitchcock's collection of short stories, and Eudora Welty and Flannery O'Connor's.  This is a wonderful assignment Mr. Bradbury. So much better than watching The Housewives of here or there.
Along with all of this I continue reading novels.  My current one is, House Broken, by Sonja Yoerg.
After this one I have two more on my list:
Under the  Mercy Trees, by Heather Newton...recommended by our dear writer blogger friend, Vicki
The Knife, by Ross Ritchell......written by a friend of my daughter's, his first novel
I also like to read non-fiction books on such topics as  health, meditation, and of course...writing.
Right now I am reading,  Stein On Writing
Last night I finished writing my first one-a-week short story.  It's rough, but it's not bad. It was about something I feared.   Set myself up for a few bad dreams...
Update on my other mom to kittens
I have fallen in love with all my kittens.......One I am keeping, one has a home as soon as I can catch him and get him fixed, one that is coming around to being petted and cuddled...and then there is Fiona........
all I can say.....there's always one
and I will cry my heart out when they are gone....truly I will.


  1. essays are def not easy to read...
    but in many ways they are the research of writing...
    i read a lot in grad school...they explain how things work and give us ideas
    that we can incorporate into our writing...
    i would suggest picking a topic
    and google "essays on --"

  2. It sounds as if you are making good use of this winter time. I agree with you about essays -- they CAN be slow going. But aren't many good blog posts essays of a sort?

    Check out Jessica Handler and her "Because Blogging is Writing."

  3. I have dear friends who send me a book every birthday....these are not books I would buy.and they do stretch my reading. I have to say some are a struggle to read! However they are good for me and there are a couple I love.
    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
    a novel by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer is one of them!

    Are you going to post some of your Short stories?
    Your right about cats and kittnes..there is always one special one.:)

  4. You are so disciplined Suz, you probably do not think you are, but to do all that reading, then writing, then the kittems and everything else.......... Impressive!

  5. For essays I turn to "The BEST AMERICAN Series." IE, "The best American essays.

    1. Thanks.....I m heading to the library right now
      ...but I still don't like them.....maybe some of the greats will turn my opinion

  6. You know that book that i was telling you about that i read when i was staying in the hospital with Rich? That's what it is - essays! "This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage" by Ann Patchett. I am enjoying these little stories so much. By the you know how much you inspire me...


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