Thursday, March 12, 2015

I thought it was something I said


.....not her real name
In 2005 I became a workout freak
I was very disciplined about my diet and exercise
paid off with good results....I looked good

That year I saw a good friend in the grocery store
she walked right by me....didn't even recognize me
How'd you do it? she asked
Hard work I told her
 For years we had worked hot lunch at school every week
We adored each other.
She married a Lutheran boy,even though she was a strict Catholic
we used to laugh about that....I said all the Catholics girls stole all the Lutheran boys
She was so much fun to be with.
But she always complained about her weight and her bad complexion....

We were friends until our children graduated and went to high school
She was a situation friend I guess....the situation of grade school lunch had brought us together as pals

So when I spotted her years later again in the grocery store
I was shocked to see how wonderful she looked
...thin....great haircut.....clothes that fit her perfectly
make-up and earrings
I tried to get through the checkout quickly
to try and catch up with her,
but it wasn't meant to be that day

I somehow wished it was something that I had said to her
 so many years ago
that had inspired her

Oh wasn't

Last year I was skimming through our local paper and stopped
to read and re-read an article about a woman charged with
stealing from her employer
it was Marilyn

After getting over my shock, I remembered the week she had gotten that job
A job that she hoped would help her family
She started happily at $7.50 an hour
She hadn't worked since she had gotten married.
and she was thrilled to start a new phase in her life

I also remembered the times I kidded her about how lucky she was to be Catholic
Yea, she said......I can be bad then go to confession

She had stolen almost a million dollars from her dear employer
who I am sure cried, like I did, when he found out.......she was the kind of person everyone liked
even loved

Now that is not a small amount of money

I still can't believe it...
but I saw her mug shot online
and an article about how she had set up a separate account where she deposited
her employers checks to herself
...thus the lavish living and good looking style
I often think if I would have picked something up about her if I had
been able to catch up with her that day at the store.

probably not.....

I hadn't been an inspiration to her after all

I only bring this up because of all my writing lately
I made my list
I have written 3 short stories so far
read until my eyeballs are about to fall out
Made my list of things
I hate, fear and love

Marilyn appeared on that list

...on the rumblings list  (that's my category)

I think of Marilyn every time I work out or go to the store
....if this could happen to her ..could it happen to anyone...
...I sat down and wrote a story

 Marilyn....she got 7 years in prison



  1. What a sad and unfortunate story. I had a friend several years ago whose husband stole from the church they attended -- I'm sure we had similar feelings when we found out. I felt terrible for the entire family. The church didn't press charges, but made him pay restitution for what he'd stolen, and my friend and her husband got a divorce. It's sad, people are put in situations of trust, and something like this happens and they lose everything -- I hope your friend is able to regain some of what she's lost when and if she is ever given another chance from someone.

    1. We had one that had an affair with the secretary.....even had a child with her.....Very early on I learned to put no one on a pedestal
      I really think she is suffering in least the "Marilyn " I knew

  2. Wow people sure can surprise you.

  3. That is very sad. I've always wondered if the people actually think they can do something like that and get away with it.

    1. Politicians get away with that all the time! We vote them in to rob and plunder!

  4. Oh, what a story! And how well you tell it!. A good reminder that things aren't always what they seem. It would be so interesting to know more of 'Marilyn's" back story.

    1. Could one ever know her back story
      what led her to be able to do this
      ....she was apple and the 4th of July

  5. I wasn´t sure to begin with if I was reading one of your stories Suz. So very interesting and fascinating about people.

    1. oh no John, this is not a fictional story
      I know her very well.......I often think of her sitting in prison
      I wonder if she has shame or regret about what she did
      not about being caught....
      I really didn't know her at all

  6. Maybe she spotted you first and rushed to avoid looking you in the eyes once more? Well-told, Suz!

    1. you know Janean...I have of thought of that

  7. Suz....I just love your word smithing! Right from the first Haiku I read on your blog I have been enthralled and I so look forward to each new post!

    1. Fiona, shucks...thanks
      and your namesake is one independent feline
      still can't catch her....but I am able to lie down next to her in the dark...while she sucks her paw...and pet her. Ill take any progress with that gal

  8. yea, and we keep voting for the other guys and they are no better

    God help our dear country

  9. a vote is placed
    trust is given
    oblivion enters the picture
    greed rules


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