Wednesday, December 30, 2015

No White Castles tonight

It's my 45th wedding anniversary today...sorry to bore you with that detail, we all have anniversaries...if even only those of the heart.
My husband asked where I wanted to go to dinner. I thought of the place where we used to go when dating...a place he could afford...a little Chicago Greek neighborhood restaurant. Best cheeseburgers ever...and the French fries...not like the imposters served today...fresh cut fires fried in true fat.
but nah...the neighborhood is dangerous now
Then I thought of our first Castles......great strong coffee...that's all we had that night....and conversation
nah...we are too old White Castles....the onions would surely kill us now

So where are we going....a local steakhouse....early...fitting for folks our age..did I tell you I just turned 65 and the old guy I love is going to be 67 on Jan 1st
Not ancient...but boy we are slowing down....and we go to bed early...and we eat less...and we watch old movies on tv
It happens

I am getting dressed jewelry on...heels....sparkle
he will come home in his suit ready to go....oh yes he still works.....runs his own company
but no meatloaf tonight

we are going to have wine... and there is candlelight  at this restaurant..should be nice and cozy
cozy is good at our age....believe me...

It has been a difficult 6 months for every ordinary day is precious
So enjoy
we will do.

.....happy new year
and I mean it sincerely


  1. Happy Anniversary and so nice to see a post from you. Hope you have a wonderful evening.
    Next month is number 44 for us. We are both a year younger than you two also.
    Happy Birthday to your husband.
    May 2016 be a wonderful year for you. : )

  2. Happy Anniversary, Suz! I hope your anniversary dinner was wonderful for you and your husband. And...I hope 2016 is filled with everything good for both of you.


    1. oh thank you, I hope so too
      and may your year be one of happiness too

  3. Gosh. You have been much on my mind, Suz. Missed you. Sending best and hopeful wishes that 2016 brings you better days. Congrats on 45 years. xo

    1. thank you Karen, I know your new house will be big blessing to you this new year...good job on dreaming and acting
      the older I get the more I realize how hard it is to get to 45 years of marriage...
      we looked good in candlelight thank goodness

  4. Have a very happy anniversary and a joy-filled 2016! I'm sorry to hear that times have been tough. I try to savor the joy of ordinary never know when life will throw a kink in your plans.
    Peace, Joy and Love to you!


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