Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goofing off with my mom today

Today I'm taking my mom out to lunch and then a little thrifting. We have a wonderful thrift store run by the local Christian high school.  They have a spectacular book mom loves to look at everything but buys nothing.  What do I need at my age? she tells me.
I guess I'm still young.., I still buy a few things...two weeks ago I bought 6 beautiful Christmas glasses...that a fellow shopper tried to talk me out of (Ha!)  When I washed them at home I discovered stickers on the bottom from Crate and Barrel...boy I have good taste.  AH the thrill of hunting at a thrift store. 
The weather is not too bad..28,but sunny with blue skies.  A good day to take my mom out.  She will be 86 in March....not too health problems, I got all of those...
My daughter is due any moment I have to stay ready to fly north to take care of her little one while she's away at the hospital. Its a girl....Agnes.  What an old fashioned name...that's my daughter

I am going to incredibly busy the next few weeks. My other daughter is heading up to Mayo with her little one.  Six hour drive for her. I pray the weather is good and all goes well and she gets some answers. 
Tonight we eat left overs....steak and onions and gravy...maybe over rice...not sure....I'm trying to go grain free in the New Year....but it isn't new year maybe rice.  My poor granddaughter is on a total elimination diet...kid can hardly eat I am trying to be in solidarity with her.
some what
Maybe in the new year I will share my summer experience with you about my writing workshop....a editing was it fabulous
let me tell you.....I got an A
tears poured forth.....
So off I go now, glad I am posting again. No pictures for a while.....this damn computer
and google
Have a good day .....I'll let you know if I snagged a bargain



  1. Sounds like a fun day with your mom. : )
    Happy New Year.

  2. I am so glad to see a post! I have missed your writing and observations! Happy New Year super Bargain finder you!

  3. Hi Suz! I've been missing not being able to stop by and have loved catching up a bit. What a year you've had, and what a busy and with a new granddaughter on the way, what a full year that's to come too! I wish you and your family all the very, very best for 2016!

  4. It sounds as though your life is full and happy! Congratulations on the anniversary! I used to love thrifting but I'm trying now to edit down my possessions, of which there are far too many. So a lot of my stuff is going to thrift stores/sales. The circle of life...

  5. Love thrift store shopping! One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.

  6. I'm glad you're posting again, too, Suz. I hope you and your mom had a great day out!



  7. Hello there, it's bee awhile!
    Glad mom is doing well, congrats on that new baby, Agnes. My daughter is right there with her on old fashioned names. I was relieved when she chose Cora over Mabel or Ethyl!
    Is'nt it nice to snag a bargain!? We needed a new sofa for the living room, we only do this every 10-12 years. The sofa of my dreams resides at Pottery Barn and comes in at a cool $1400.00. We have a store that liquidates for PB, West Elm, Crate and Barrel and a few other swanky places. I scored a PB sofa the day after Thanksgiving for $299.00! Its the color and style I wanted, not slip covered, but I can live with that!
    The twins will soon be 3, HOW CAN THAT BE? Our younger daughter is expecting a baby girl in April. No ring.
    I'll have to scroll back and see what the health problem is with your little one?
    NIce to touch base :)

  8. It's so awesome to visit you again, Suz!
    I missed you:)
    Thanks for coming by. Isn't it sad that the older we get
    the more we let slip. Thanks for the nudge.
    Happy thrifting and thriving (and prayers for answers for your dear one)

  9. i use to go around thrift store too to buy neat stuff that i can clean up and show it's real value. but recently i stopped shopping (LOL! my sister and brother doesn't seem to believe) as i am saving now for the purchase of a house.

    btw, you are a busy daughter and mother there. and yes! my mother is 75yo this coming Dec 2016 and we are all planning to go home in the Philippines. besides i need to get out of the 6 winters i have been through. hehehe...

    miss you blog sister! and i am happy to see that you are doing great.


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