Monday, February 15, 2016

loveable grandma

I made meatball soup yesterday. It was good.
Today I ate two bowls for lunch while staring out my kitchen window.
I have so much energy I am paralyzed...and do nothing
but enjoy the snow falling outside
watching the outdoor cats snuggle in their igloo
watch the birds eat their cat food while they snooze
ahh.....what happens when you are asleep
Two of my grandchildren are at Disney World now
having fun......much needed after so much health concerns for little Tuula
Hopefully some suggestions and guidance from Boston Hosp will help
Not fair that little ones get sick...
But she is a trooper and my daughter is her warrior
I have spent too much time inside lately
A person needs to feel the elements....smell them, taste them
stand in the wind and let it touch you
stand in the sunlight...feel its warmth, despite the bitter cold in the air
I feed birds and cats outside
ha....a few squirrels, possum, skunk and rabbits too
A big raccoon was drinking water from the heated water bowl last night
aww...go ahead I said as I shut off the porch light are the least of these in my book...but hurry and don't let the neighbors see you
I have been reading many anthologies of short stories
...according to the Ray Bradbury plan
I dropped the essay reading.....I knew it wouldn't last.

Insight....from all this reading...
most of it.... unfulfilling....boring...what can I say
sure...if I reread it after looking online for "explanations" I might get a bit more out of these stories
But I'm never grabbed me enough the first time to reread you
When you read one of my stories...I take you for a ride...

I have learned to layer things....'case you want to go back and look for more. Hints that you missed
the first time....maybe motivations you didn't see before...that only add richness to your experience
with my characters...


  Just another kitchen

you wouldn't think I am working on writing while eating and staring
but, yeah, I am
This past fall at a writing workshop...I was made aware that I need to make grandma

more least capable of loving in some small way

..that's what I'm working on.....

but she isn't loveable.....but I get it

...showing a speck of humanity makes her all the more frightening in her cruelty

So.....I'm enjoying bowls of soup staring out of the window

 on this cold snowy afternoon

letting my mind sort it all out

for tomorrow.....I sit and write

maybe I can have her tend geraniums..........................................


  1. Hi Suz, thank you for stopping by my 'human' blog, one I don't tend to much, but your comment made me stop and see what I posted (I got lazy or inspired and reposted many of my first blog posts once a week). Good thoughts to remember on the Day of the Heart and every day...

    1. well, I confess to being one cat away from being a cat lady
      and yes good thoughts on love

  2. Hey Suz, good to see you posting. I know what you mean about "working" on things in your head. I "work" on a lot of paintings the same way...

    1. oh painting....I never got the hang of it
      but you sure do! and the world is blessed by it
      glad you stopped by

  3. Your word play is wonderful, feels so free and alive.

  4. What a darling child! Re grandma -- I always suggest that an unlikable character rescue a kitten or suchlike.

  5. this grandma would be the kind to poison a cat

    I had little luck rounding her out today....I'm working on my resistance. Ill try the cat and see thanks

  6. She hates cats and is about to drown it when it does something that makes her stop.


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