Friday, February 26, 2016

Hank the Tank

Pot roast today...comfort food

It was a rough day yesterday.
My wonderful, funny clown of a cat, Hank the Tank
had a blocked bladder.
I have been to the emergency vet twice this month
the only time I can get this guy is after- hours it seems

TRYING TO CATCH A HARDWIRED, now house kept, FERAL kitty is
not easy
But I knew he was going south quickly.
I managed to chase him into a bedroom
 but our other male cat stuck his two cents in
and Hank froze in place long enough for me to shut the door
with Boo, the other male, safely locked out.
But I couldn't get him.
I called my 86 year old mother.
She came over and she laid on the floor looking under the bed on one side, as I looked at him from the other side.
It took a bit of talking to him and squeezing my arm under the bed
trying to get him by the scruff.
WHAM... one shot and I got him and managed to get my arm  underneath him
to support his weight and I yelled out to my mom to open the door!
I had the carrier waiting just outside the door

She's an 86 year old lying on the floor! But I was so afraid that Hank would wiggle free
and then I would never be able to get him.
And sure enough my mom managed to get up and open the door. What a miracle lady she is at her age.

We got Hank to the doctor just in time...his bladder was about to breach

It's a good thing we've saved our money and that my husband makes a good living
he is getting the best of medical care

I took my mom out for a wonderful lunch

she earned it


  1. We should all be like your mom at 86!! Good for her. : )
    Sounds like you all deserved a wonderful lunch!!
    Hope the kitty is better soon.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to catch Hank and get him to the doctor. Your mom sounds like an amazing blessed you are to still have her in your life. Sending lots of get well soon wishes to Hank...

    1. I know you are a kindred spirit and know how difficult it is with getting feral wired kitties do anything they don't want to do
      My mom is a trooper , as they say. And yes I am aware how lucky I am to have her . Thanks

  3. So glad you were able to catch Hank. Your mom is amazing. I'm only 73 and it takes a long time for me to get up off the floor...

    1. I cant believe I got up holding him by the scruff....I can never get up quickly....oh this aging thing

  4. good thing it was your mom instead of me Suz! We'd STILL be trying to catch Hank! You are a good woman and bless you for your care of these animals.

    1. he's back home now...very stressed and not speaking to me....I don't think I could ever get him he's on os urinary cat food...just what I need....

  5. You truly are a wonder...with that huge heart of yours!


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