Tuesday, February 16, 2016

she cooks

When all else fails , make soup
That's always been my motto
But ,I made meatball soup a day ago and finished it up today for lunch
while I was making chicken soup
...it's cold outside
Truthfully, I was hoping the aroma would awaken
something good in my grandma character
the grandma of my story
the one who slaps a 10 year old off of a chair
...that grandma
I don't think she ....oh.....yes, she just might be a good cook
why didn't I think of that before?
Oh good something to work on tomorrow
I can do that....
The family is coming home today from Disney World
I am anxious to hear about the trip
 I hope she captured a bit of fantasy as reality
that's the miracle of being a 2 yr old girl or boy
Don't we wish they had a theme park for other things
like being with our passed loved ones
or beloved dogs or cats or birds or turtles?
..put a quarter in the slot and get the answer to any question?
get on a stage and say what we failed to say when they were alive?
Oh it could be fun
I better get back to the real world real soon
step away from the anthologies


  1. Back to Grandma -- have you explored the roots of her meanness? Sometimes that makes an evil character, if not nicer, at least more understandable.

  2. that would be work, Vicki
    ..yes I am going to do that...but this short story of 3000 words might just have to become a novel...and I don't know how to do that....except to keep writing
    and truly the last line of my story leaves a chill down your spine....and that would all change...more work
    yikes I will have to decide if the story is there


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