Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I guess there will be stink in the car ride

time for a little poem
Sometimes, around
Moonrise, a wraith
drifts in through
the open window:
a vague cold taint
of rank weeds
and phosphorescent
mold, a hint
of obscure dank
root hollows and
mist-woven paths,
Pale toadstools and
dark-reveling worms
by, half vapor,half
shade, diffusing
The night's uncanny
essence and atmosphere
by Valerie worth
Yep, there was a skunk outside last night
goodness....they let their presence be known when they are challenged
I hope it wasn't one of my feral cats....
maybe just a passing possum wanting a scrap or two left between deck boards

While I was attempting to fall asleep, the wonderful world of the night creatures
was going on outside...poor animals in the winter
but who wants skunk perfume

I got an email yesterday from the feral cat group asking if anyone had room
to house trapped cats overnight to be taken to the vet in the morning
oh...I was tempted...but I want to stay married
and there are limits

Maybe I should open a shelter
I have thought about it

but my kitties here already tie me down
I have to hire a caretaker for them when I go to Galena
good thing we saved our money and my husband is a saint

Glad there is a group that traps, neuters and releases these cats
and that there are humans willing to watch over them
and thank the county for protecting these colonies of needy felines
The goal is stop all the have stable communities

Funny...since I have become a caretaker....the word must have gone out
so far this past 6 months....three extra kitties have graced the food bowls

Tommy Feral.....a beautiful gray tabby...I think he belonged to someone...he's gone now

Ragged Ritchie....old fluffy orange and white one who has shown up for years during the cold weather for a handout...very feral....he's hasn't been seen for months
and now...
Brutus, a large white and brown striped male...unneutered, I'm certain

My Henry runs from him, hiding under the deck until he (Brutus) has eaten every bit of  food in the bowls and drank from their heated water bowl
Funny...I haven't seen him in two that I think about it

poor much danger out there for them
People love dogs....will risk everything to rescue them
but cats.....they are maligned ....but there are a few of use who love all animals
and help whenever we can

I may give my character, grandma, a cat (thanks Vicki for the suggestion)
and I will also make her a good cook....
this could work to fill in the time the girl and mother sit in the car together
...3 hours... one of the critiques I received at workshop
to take advantage of the car reveal things
What did they talk about in the car? they asked
but I guess they are right....humph  more work

Now to begin
writing....see ya


  1. Oh yes, you certainly know when a skunk has been around. : )

  2. Wow does that poem describe skunk! It is always so good to find a new post from you! I have attached a link to a skunk tale you might chuckle over!

  3. Ha!, I remember that story! Those little must have been so cute. They are beautiful animals. Despite their weapon

    1. i had forgotten you read it! Has the skunk reappeared?

  4. Well, I think he went past us early morning. Stinko
    Last night a big raccoon was licking up water from mr and mrs feral's waterbowl!

  5. How did I miss this post? We have learned to be cautious about letting dogs out at night as we do have skunks around.

    And I love that you take care of the ferals!

    Hope the story is going well!


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