Wednesday, November 23, 2011


After rolling in catnip....a morning treat
Boo looked up to the patio door and spotted the stray kitty
who was eating a dish of tuna that I had put out for him while Boo was high
Now, in this altered state, Boo was looking for a rumble
oh yeah, he scared that interloper, that cad, outside on his deck.
Why... that kitty just shook in his puss n boots,
finished eating, and turned and left.
.....and Boo thought....yeah,I'm bad.


  1. Nice that Boo came down in time to set things right on the deck.

    Catnip is the best, I used to watch my cat take delight in rolling in the nip...the best!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Suz!

  2. That's fun! But maybe hat a good training for Boo to learn how to share the blessings from Mommy Suz. :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving Sis!


  3. Haha I love that last picture of Boo!! :)

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Suz!

  4. Bah ha ha ha! Me thinks the stray's fear was merely a hallucination by Boo!

  5. hahaha too cute...oy...reminds me of my

  6. Is the stray part raccoon? Looks like a striped tail behind him. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  7. So nice, Boo is so cute !
    That cat outside, Suz, is that Handsome ?
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  8. Sylvia...sob, it isn't Handsome. I haven't seen him since late spring....I think he is gone for heaven...I am so sad to think of that old rascal and the fact that I won't see him again

  9. Your Boo looks exactly like my Bella! Have yourselves a lovely tuna-less holiday! It's a good person who feeds the poor strays.

  10. ha ha Jody...I don't like tuna!
    Boo is my baby...I'll have to take alook on your blog for picture of and Boo...sitting in a tree
    k-i-s-s-i-n-g :)
    and oh yea, I feed them all
    have ..since I was a kid
    much to mother's disaproval

  11. such beautiful kitties, both.

    henry sends his regards.


  12. Wow, that stray had beautiful markings. And fat too! Have you been slipping a LOT of tuna his/her way???

  13. I want some catnip!!! Can you send some here??? Love that black cat. Oh, and those drapes! I am going to come and steal them from you next time you go to "the other house". Galina is it? Or, you can just tell me where I can purchase them and that will do!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving Suz E Q !!

  14. Great post, and look how handsome Boo is.

    Have a great Thanksgiving holiday

  15. Great photographs and story Suz. Haven´t cats got it right!


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