Thursday, November 17, 2011

It is quiet in the house and I am about to make a small supper for my husband.
The sun is setting so wonderfully just outside the kitchen window,cheering me to a warmth
of  being. A purple finch is perched on the horsechestnut tree sunning himself...kindred spirit.
In the early years my husband and I were as poor as churchmice. We ate simply then,
and we eat simply now. One of his favorites is meatballs, rice and corn. I know...a bit too much starch,but it is one of those meals that brings a smile on his face when he lifts the lid.
His smiles have always been important. I am blessed with a partner who is grateful.
So as I mix the ground meat with breadcrumbs,seasoning,egg and onion
...I feel like the bird on the twig outside


  1. You captured a beautiful moment, both inside and outside the house, with your photo and words.

  2. That's so sweet! I love that... And the food rice and meatballs... Yum yum!..


  3. nice capture of the moment...and it is tranquil and filled with warmth and what time is dinner? smiles.

  4. Oh Suz, I want to be there too...and I love meatballs with rice...haven't made it in years, haven't even THOUGHT about it in years---now I want some RIGHT THIS MINUTE. :D It wonderful that you still delight in the smile on your husband's face. Hugs.

  5. Oh so lovely! Can I come for dinner too?
    This was one of your "word poems"
    Really nice...

  6. What a loving post, I love your last line " I feel like the bird on the twig outside...happy"

    No wonder this is your "hubbies" favourite meal when it has been made with so much love.

  7. husband love, even years later...such a blessing. xo

  8. your words made me happy, too. Thank you, Suz. My partner loves mashed potatos with creamed corn ... it never fails to win his heart!

  9. you're in my territory...yum

  10. Sounds like good grub for this time of year!

  11. Giving and appreciation, a great combination and a blessing Suz. And the meatballs look delicious.


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