Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Magpie tale # 92.......

So into their love
they forgot they had children
and the children never learned
to have what they had,
but they searched all their loves
to fill that bucket that had no bottom



  1. to fili a bucket with no bottom is forever and frustrating... sad but beautifully written...


  2. sad...love like this should be passed generation to generation...and filling that bucket never works...i tried...

  3. Ha...I just saw that I used the word loves instead of the word lives
    Interesting twist
    not sure I will change it
    cause it's true they search every love....I think I'll leave it that way
    I have known so many people who had parents that were so into themselves as a couple that they left the child out in the cold....so sad
    so hurtful...

  4. I like this! And I love the "misuse" of loves - keep it that way.

  5. Yes, leave "loves" as it is. It constitutes a fruitful ambiguity.

  6. The perfect Freudian slip I think!

  7. The picture looks so cute and fun. The words so painful and hard to feel. Love how they make me look at the picture in a whole new light. Great writing and picture interpretation!
    I love the word slip as well!

  8. Do you speak from experience? My 'pretty' parents too were so in love that they forgot to take better care to 'teach their children well', as Crosby, Stills and Nash reminded our generation, that of the Newman's progeny. I had to stop and reflect on this one, as it swiftly brought up a few painful memories. But isn't that what poets sometimes do? And have you yet filled 'that bucket'? :)

  9. Meaningful -- a new definition of "bucket list." :-)

  10. uh oh...they forgot they had children? what happened? did the kids starve to death? oh my!!



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