Monday, October 15, 2012

I have a lust for pottery
Sometimes I think I love going up to Door County every year
not to write, but to find it
This Ephraim Pottery
I was only going to buy the daffodils
but the owl...well ...I had to have him
and the berries....what can I say
never let an addict near their desire

The week spent writing was truly the best  I have spent up there
...the leader was fabulous...made us work our arses off
challenged us....took no pity on our moaning

I was afraid of the 5 bed dorm....but it worked out pretty well
One of the women was from Chicago
and was a real crack up...made us laugh until we...... know
The other was a mother sweet...caring about everything and everyone
and funny too
We hardly slept all week
we over ate
we wrote our brains dry
and we laughed until it hurt
....and on was show and tell
I am happy to report that a scary story I wrote about a tree
was a hit.....made my little heart jump for joy...I made them afraid to walk in the woods
back to the lodge that night....I heard a few screams as a tree limb
rubbed against another limb..ha ha....power of the word!

All the comments I received...good comments
...That people in such a large group of diverse arts
would bother to say anything to another

The writer's group was a small group of 9 souls
wanting to write better...
A few things we did during the week was to chose 6 words out of a box
 and write stories from them
...We were given phrases too

We also had to tell 2 truths and one lie... in a paragraph
and we had to defend what we wrote through the class' questioning..
. and the group had to decide by our writing and our answers...which was which
.....darn.....I'm a good liar
fooled them all

It was a glorious week of autumn while we were there...stunning actually
breathtaking to see the changing spirit of Lake Michigan every morning

But on the last morning....I looked out over the lake
colorful trees framing my view's beautiful
but it's not home
I was ready to go home....

The cats waited in the window for did they know?
I saw all of them peering out as I drove in
They missed me....all of them
....that was the week's gold..all of them

So this week...I am settling back in
catching up....mellowing
I need nothing more in my life than what I have
So hopefully I'll be back to moaning and groaning to you
sharing my thoughts and tales
sharing how I begin again

one more thing...
This is Abigail......just wanted to share a rare picture of her
she was born under our deck....she joined us prego
and we kept her........she's very shy.... and she adores me :)
She sits on my lap now and purrs...a far cry from the cat who hid all of the time

Shelters are filled with black one wants them
how sad...we did this to these dear creatures
made them suffer because of our superstitions
But I love mine!

They are hard to photograph...all black
so enjoy this glance of my shy girl
this gentle, gentle sweet animal
I wanted to name her Esmeralda
but she chose Abigail....
she did.


  1. thanks for sharing this story. and happy that you are safely home. and congratulations!


  2. Abigail is a lovely cat. You're right, we did do a number on them didn't we? I still remember being told not to let a black cat walk across your path. Silly saying as black cats are as beautiful as any other. Your pottery collection is stunning and so unusual. I had a hard time picking a favorite and think I would have come back with them all too. Glad you had such a lovely time away but it's always good to get back home. Have a great week!

  3. Glad you had a great time and learned a lot too. That pottery is too lovely to by=pass, even by someone like me who has no room to add stuff in her house. So, how many cats live around your place?

  4. nice...i am glad you got such a good response...and chuckling at their reaction to it as well...smiles....sounds like a fun time....and my wife def likes vases...

  5. A wonderful adventure followed by a warm and welcoming homecoming, sounds like you are enjoying life. Abigail is beautiful.

  6. Cats do seem to know their names, don't they? She's pretty.
    So glad you have a good time at your writing retreat... but it is always great to come home.
    That pottery, by the way, is beautiful. It looks very old. Are those new pieces?

    1. they do, don't, they are new
      But I just love the patina and the arts and crafts influence....rosevillesque?
      I tried to get her to respond to Esmeralda
      but nope....I kept shooting names at her until I hit Abigail...and she meowed and walked over to me...done.


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