Tuesday, October 16, 2012

soup and a book

Yesterday I boiled some chicken for myself
husband thought I was making soup
...what to do if you love someone
...make the soup
today...I took the broth from yesterday and added
all the neccessary ingredients
...getting rid of some shredded carrots I didn't use up in salads
...the house smells so good....as only soup can do to a house
even the cats stirred around...looking for what it was
.....how many pots of soup have I made in my life?
the thought staggered me....
The thought that it still comforts
He will be so happy when he comes home
This is not what I planned for my morning
but who cares...a small gift for an ordinary day
the most divine word
I hope an unordinary day and all its chaos
stays away for a while....
I give thanks for this ordinary day
with sunlight streaming in the window
the autumn leaves outside my window showing off
the cats purring around..still glad I am home
Ordinary...the secret for a life of gratitude
I picked up Simple Abundance
and cracked the book open and look what was tucked inside of it

sigh.....my heart fills with love for her
how much I miss her....
They are coming here in November
....can't wait


  1. This sentence stuck me and is staying with me

    "a small gift for an ordinary day"

    Delight in the glory of the ordinary. That, I think, is the secret to a happy life.

    Happy for a November visit!

  2. awww...cute pic and a treasure to find...my tummy is rumbling for some soup now though...smiles.

  3. Your 'ordinary' is pure heaven for anyone, including me!

  4. Wonderful philosophy and such love!

  5. Reading this entry warmed my heart like the warmth of afternoon autumn sunlight flooding my office.


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