Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm back home from a week of writing

The six hour drive up was smooth and enjoyable
We had two adorable roommates
one a crazy painter, the other a sweet yogi woman

This is the main lodge where we ate our meals

They built a labyrinth!
but...we were too busy walk it

The fall color up here in Door County Wisc
was awesome......but we were too busy too see much of it
darn writing instructor :)

This is the path to the schoolhouse
where the class is held
and where we went to at night to write
so as not to bother our roommates

This is the schoolhouse...with the bay in sight

a cairn
one of many along the paths

curious rock

the bay
Lake Michigan was rocking and rolling that day

In my younger days, I climbed down to the beach and gathered rocks
not this year

ahhhh  magnificent sunsets
but I only saw one
with one bonfire to follow it
too busy writing away

I wrote a ghost story about a phone booth
that appears on a deserted road
...and shazam.....on the way home
omg....there was one

So I would say my week up in Wisconsin... writing
was a success
we worked on flash and mirco fiction
and we studied a teleplay script

But truly....there's no place like home
....and thanks for missing me Farmlady
I luv ya for it
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  1. I've been waiting for this moment! The moment when I would be viewing your Wisconsin photos and read about your trip.

    The photos are spectacular. I especially like seeing the buildings that are constructed of fieldstone. The phone booth is too intriguing.

    Welcome back.

  2. wow you were just surrounded with inspiration....what a cool rock...and labyrinth...and place....i wanna go!!! smiles.

  3. So beautiful Suz, glad it was so enjoyable.

  4. Sounds fab! And I'll admit to being a teensy bit jealous!

  5. Waited to hear about your writings! Are we going to read it one day? ...please...

  6. Looks lovely, and sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love heading north this time of year, it just smells better in Wisconsin or Michigan.


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