Saturday, September 22, 2012

the 9th coming

shocked this morning
to see Handsome at my door
it has been over a year since I have seen him
He ate two bowls of chicken
a bowl of dry
and a can of wet food
Where has he been?
, beloved feral cat?
He's not telling
Good thing I kept his igloo
and his heat pad
Maybe....I will get him in this year
let him live out his life in luxury
and safety
and surrounded by loving humans
praise be!


  1. A year?
    He must be in the neighborhood, and visiting around hoping for good people to give him more than he gets wherever he resides. He doesn't look feral.

  2. Beautiful cat who knows where to go to get loved(even at a distance) and spoiled........And they do know!

  3. My oh my! He looks like a rough and tumble kind of guy! I wonder if he's been to London to visit the Queen? A year...makes you wonder how he survives...thank goodness for friends like you in his life!
    By the way...thanks so much for your praises on my felting...I did finish the piece for the art show and sold it on the first night! Here's the post on it...
    I must get busy making some things for etsy. The weather is changing and now it feels more like 'wool season'.
    Have a great weekend, Suz.

  4. Oh, yay! This is happy news. I find myself smiling so big, just for you.

  5. ha...that is cool....crazy, but cool...our cat has been gone for months before

  6. Welcome home, Handsome.
    Stay awhile at Suz's, she'll spoil you rotten.
    Lucky cat.

  7. I'm so glad he's safe and back where he belongs! It's times like this that you wish they could talk!

  8. Oh, Suz, Handsome came back ... after a year !
    What a surprise !
    Nice weekend,

    1. Sylvia...can you imagine my shock
      I thought of you right a happy you would be
      you are such a dear woman who cares about felines

  9. Oh, wow! What a sweetie! I instantly 'bonded' with your blog when I saw this- I LOVE cats! (we have 2)
    I'm your newest follower :)

    1. Oh your name...:)....
      I have spent my whole life around felines...
      understand them completely...but I love all animals
      ....and I love junk too
      much to husband's woe
      thanks...for reading along...I'll go peak at your blog..see if we can connect.....always looking for a kindred spirit

  10. Go figure? I have adopted a stray also, we call him O'Malley :)
    I bought my first ever cat food and feed him daily on the front porch in lovely glass bowls. I do not however appreciate him relieving himself in my flower beds!

    1. oh you are such a softie...I knew it
      but...Red...where do you expect a feral to 'go"
      knock on your door and ask to use the restroom?
      luv ya

    2. Your damn right I do! And he isn't farel, too friendly for that. He's just a player ;)

  11. Made me smile to the the Wanderer returned! Enjoy spoiling him while you "have him". BTW, our lil' Beans, a cat of the same coloring and "breed" is also very stand-offish. I wonder if it's a trait?

  12. why would he ever leave your house??? Do you have any larger bowls, and a bigger heating pad? I'll be there in a day or two.......!

  13. Oh Sue - I hope he stays this time too...

  14. You and JC will surely get along well. He loves cats. Too unfortunate that pet's hair bothers me, that is his first sacrifice for loving me... Good that Mr Handsome knew where to go when he needed love...


  15. I meant Rudyard Kipling, The Cat Walks Alone.

  16. I don't know where my first post went? Your post made me think of The Cat Walks Alone.

  17. He IS Handsome. An unaltered Tom? -- he's got ramblin' to do. But I'm glad he found his way back to you.

  18. I love cats too! And what a nice big bowl of cat food you gave him! I bet after some "adjustment catterwalling fights" Mr. Handsome would be so grateful and happy in your home. He doesn't seem feral if he gets this close to your window! Bet he could be a lovely new friend.

    1. oh he's feral....but we've been in each other's territory for quite a while.....and we have a mutual agreement....I feed...he eats


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