Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm headed Downtown for a much needed haircut.
This will take up most of the day....sigh
I missed my appointment about a week and a half ago
due to getting sick at a 40th birthday party at a bar
I'm too old for bars.....it was the food....not the adult beverages
for those of you laughing
But that extra week and a half
has left me at the point of disastrous hair
can't do anything with it
I wish I could cut my own hair....
We spent the weekend in Galena
...it was gorgeous
saw lots of turkeys and buzzards
and a little milk snake
The fields were beautiful with golds and purples
heaven...pure heaven
Let's hope Tom, my salon guy
cuts more , talks less
because then he will cut right
not more..... of the I'm never going back there again kind of cut
wish me luck


  1. Good luck! I could use a day being pampered.. enjoy it :) And Galena sounds heavenly :)

  2. I know how a great cut can lift your whole attitude. Have fun.

  3. woot...have fun today getting all kinds of pretty....smiles.

  4. Sure.... it was the food that made you sick.Oh yea! LOL! Come on. Admit that you celebrated your birthday a little too much, Suz. Admit that your hair grew longer in a couple of weeks than it ever has before.
    I know... I'm being silly. Hope the haircut was a good one. Just be careful about those celebrations...after 40, holding your liquor becomes an art form.

    1. Ha..if I was celebrating MY 40th it would have been liquor...but I was celebrating my sister in law's daughter's birthday...and it was the food...honest...
      ....sort of....
      I never was good at art

  5. When I was living in Saudi Arabia I did cut my own hair. Got pretty good at it too....Have a scar on my right index finger to prove it!

  6. I never had my hair cut the way i want it. Good that i know how to style it with the help of gel or hairspray.... Anyways, i am very adventurous and expiremental with my hair, from shaved too long, as in up to waistline. Besides, while i still have it, might as well enjoy it...


    By this time you already have it. Hope you like it.

  7. That was unfortunate getting sick Suz. Never been very fashionable with my hair cuts, however I find getting it cut very relaxing and therapeutic. Of course I enjoy the moment too because there is still a little left to be cut............


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