Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I seek joy today in the smile of my grandson
so happy to be going to preschool
He's already showing signs of an independant spirit
like his pop
and that is a good thing

But just beneath my happiness for Maverick
is sorrow
for all those innocent people
murdered by terrorists
on a beautiful blue skied sunny morning
in September eleven years ago
and I am certain, that I will always
carry this sorrow for them
it could have been any one of us
or our loved ones....as it almost was for my son in law
that day...that sunny day
But I wonder...what will they teach him in his school life about that day?
or will they even mention it.


  1. i feel you on the sorrow...i feel it today as well..and i am glad you have the chipper little one to keep your spirits up...good on him...its interesting how they change so quick once they enter school...

  2. Suz, I believe it's up to all of us to keep the memory alive ~ forever.

  3. Thank God for little spirits like Maverick.
    They carry us forward.

    LOVE the bowtie! :)

  4. He looks like a great wee character Suz. And like the world wars etc., there is that expression, "lest we forget!" That to me means the two extremes, extreme cruelty and extreme heroism.

    1. ...we are condemned to repeat
      simply stated....good/evil

  5. Ditto John's comment, "lest we forget"...the cruelty and the heroism.

    We must get up every morning and lean into the best work that we can...to choose hope and compassion and courage.


    1. I agree with our best work and choosing hope and compassion and courage
      but that does not address my point
      I do not choose to hold on to the terrorists act
      but I do not wish to forget it either
      and they are still out there hating us
      and wishing to destroy us
      that I remember and seek a strong America
      not an apologetic one

    2. Oh, Suz, I think there is indeed, enormous STRENGTH found in hope, compassion and courage...


  6. Maverick looks like he is ready for the world. I hope he never looses that smile.
    If we forget that day eleven years ago, it will happen again, because there is always someone out there (even our own) who wish to hurt us. We need to be strong about this, not forgiving and apologetic.

  7. That smile could sell icecubes to the eskimos ;)

  8. he is soooooo cute.


    ps. i know sis. those incidents are beyond forgettable. God bless their souls...

  9. Yes, he obviously is loved.
    As you mention 9/11 I thought I would direct you to comment from an educated Australian Muslim who, if you do read the piece I will refer you to, must be read carefully and with an open mind. Unfortunately, that might not be possible, but nevertheless, I think it is the most balanced commentary I have read on what who and why. I warn you, however that it is not what Americans will ever hear at home. But I also tell you before you start that he is genuinely as appalled by those events as you or I. He is simply applying an international view.

    1. I will go take a peek
      but honestly...he can never erase what I saw with my own eyes...he can never carry the burden of that day as seen from here
      I am an American and we were the ones attacked on our own soil....
      that beautiful september day

  10. So very precious! My youngest just started pre-school. 9/11... I think it will be remembered, I really do.

  11. He is a cutey patootie! I love that radiant smile. You thought about those people killed still in the midst of that smile. What a tragedy on Sep. 11. How beautiful, sad and messy life is.....


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