Thursday, September 20, 2012

Early morning walk through the garden
gave me a sense that the season is packing up
getting ready to leave
It's chilly this morning and the goldfinches
are squabbling and the bees are searching through the flowers
as is the hummingbird....oh I hate how the hummer
just darts around, not long enough on one flower
to get a photo....
but the spiders don't dart...they patiently wait
oh dear.....

How I love these oxalis...these happy little flowers..that if I take them in
they go on blooming through the winter's long dark days

and can you believe this growns from my basement window well
all through the winter it is green.....

Oh my lovely little Miss Kitty
she is following me around the house this morning

"Oh that?" I answered my husband
....golly he sure has eyes for stuff like this
the leaking sink....not so much
Don't you just love the big acorns...I just had to have them
....well, I don't drink, gamble,swear much
just a little addiction to HomeGoods

Warning , warning !Will Robinson.....a mouse has been spotted
The end of September I head North to Ellison Bay Wisc
for a week of writing Flash fiction
and micro fiction
.....this year two friends are going along
we are having to stay in the 5 bed dorm....yuk
but I believe things happen for a reason...somehow
I think I'll starve up there
all the things on the menu are bread, bread and more bread
and pies and desserts
and oatmeal and pasta
oh my...what can a low carb, no wheat eating woman possible find to eat?
maybe I'll cheat
just maybe
yeah, that's what I'll do


  1. woot...your trip sounds fun...i love the color of the oxtails....your cat is cute....but so is your squirrel...i love squirrels....

  2. I dont know if im going to be sad that summer is leaving and fall is finally sitting in. You have it narrated with excitement.

    A five bed dorm... you will have a chance to see and compare with your friends of how you manage simple things. And that could be a reality check why you are friends...hehehehe....

    Good luck sis!...


  3. you garden piece is always charming.
    it looks like fresh water running.

  4. I understand an addition to Home Goods. Oh, yes I do.
    Love Miss Kitty looking at you like, "What are we going to do today?" She's cute.
    The garden is beautiful and, for heaven's sake, have a piece of pie or something at the writing workshop. Life is short.

  5. Love the idea that Miss Kitty was following your around. Good luck with your eating at your workshop, I totally understand how you are feeling, it's times like this that having to watch your diet sucks..

    All things in moderation I say

  6. Beautiful images both visual and written Suz.

  7. Ellison Bay!!! It is a perfect time of year to be traveling north into that part of the world. The diet of bread, pasta, bread and more bread seems to define the Wisconsin diet. Does the dorm have a kitchen? If possible, maybe you can carry a few things to substitute. I'm assuming you are traveling by car, but that may not be a reality.

    The photos of the changing season are gentle reminders that summer is coming to an end. I'm currently in Palm Springs where daytime temperatures are over 100-degrees-F. Except for the shortening of days, I have no idea of what is going on in other parts of the country.

    1. well hello! Kameshwari....! I hear it will be in the 40's up there....brrr But nothing like jumping into the season head on....Oh my all those good (in a bad way) carbs...I shall have to meditate early mornings to control myself...the weak I love all- carbs- weak self...... There is a yoga class going on at the same time....maybe I'll sneak in....:)
      100 degrees....oh I am so over that kind of heat....
      I wilt

  8. What a lovely glimpse inside your life. Thank your for sharing.
    Have a wonderful time writing.

  9. The sight of that oxalis just thrills my heart.

  10. Maybe I could come along and cook for you!!! I'll bring my Magic Bullet and concoct all kinds of goodies!
    The other day I sat in a lawn chair, very quietly, quietly - and the hummers came to the enormous buddleia and played and played! They make a very distinct sound (humming!) - it was sublime!

  11. You'll have a wonderful time and hope you'll share what you wrote! A beautiful place to go.

  12. Re Warning Will Robinson. Correction: A mouse is seen. Only a leopard is spotted!
    I reckon that old stray/feral must have been born in the wild and you are gradually taming him. That would be an achievement!


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