Monday, September 3, 2012

Miss Kitty O'Shea
has a new bed
She's been limping a bit on her front paw and won't go visit soon
She seem very happy, eats well
too well.....roast chicken
She hogs the patio door with her entire bod
forcing Boo to sleep on the hard floor
about 4 ft away from her
as she growls at him
She can't stand the wipper snapper
LEAVE ME ALONE....she tells him all the time

But Boo just wants to play
all the time
I really have an appreciation for her attitude
It seems the older I get, the less I choose to tolerate
It is my time to have fun and dabble in delight
....and having a few extra bucks that we don't have to spend on tuition
makes it all possible
But we enjoy the fruits of our life
knowing that our children went forward in life with no debt
...and good jobs
and they also rewarded themselves with excellent spouses
like their mom and dad
hmmmm.....funny how that works


  1. We're all cats, you know..... You just reminded me of a Lyle Lovett song titled "Baby Don't Tolerate." I say that all the time now, except with "daddy" in place of "baby". :)

  2. smiles...the kids learned much from you...cute on the cats...have two that is 14 and one that is 1...the younger keeps the older one in

  3. Cute! Yeah, knowing that your kids are doing o.k is a most satisfying thought.

  4. Kids and cat really do have a lot in common, and they both need us, but then there are times when it's nice that they don't! :-)

  5. Sounds like the kids are following by good example. Your pride is showing as it should. As for the kitties, they will figure it out too...dominance surrounds us.

  6. Oh, I do love some good kitty time. They have such individual and distinct personalities.

  7. So, are you going to California? What a beautiful granddaughter you have!

  8. There is a lot to learn from cats because they know the importance of and the meaning of the word, contented!

    Great about the kids!

  9. Oh cats. I adore them. Your Boo is so, so handsome.

    I agree 100% with you, Suz.

    As I waved Gretta goodbye for her senior year, I wondered what Batman and I could have done with 16 years of college tuition. And I could think of nothing better than educating our four.


  10. My Boo oh I adore him
    Ms Kitty is a grand old dame
    with attitude
    and yes....How wonderful it was waving goodbye to my daughters last a happy mom the other off to the classroom today
    and son....making it happen in california
    Joys for their parents

  11. Yes, the older I get, the less I tolerate. Just like your cat. We deserve some egocentric attitudes as we grow older, animal or human.
    The gift to your children has been more "by example" than anything else. Which is how we learn the best. Kudos for setting an example of parenting that will, hopefully, continue.

    Miss Kitty O'Shea has earned some rights. I hope she exercises hers while she still has her catitude.


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