Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She's started kindergarten
all day kindergarten
No more nap rugs
I wonder if they still play?
She is organized like my youngest daughter, sarah
This shall serve her well
and, she is athletic and a budding artist
and loves numbers and letters
how you make things ....important things
out of them.......smart girl
I wish I could be in California to see her
see all of them......the heart is a lonely grandma
right now......
Maybe I can talk grandpa into flying
flying out there for her birthday
roll the dice grandpa...I"ll say
surely a-fib won't happen again
It's not California's fault
or the airplanes
and you are on meds now
and your veins are whislte clean
Go.....or maybe I'll go by myself
ohahoahoh.....can't believe I said that
: )


  1. However you do it, go! Will do your soul good!

    1. I'm thinking about it...If I go..will grandpa soon follow?

  2. awww....good for her....its a big day...huge day...and she will do just fine...smiles.

    1. it's not her that I worry about :-(

  3. My Grandson also goes all day to kindergarten this year:( it will be another empty nest here as he spent so much of his summer here.
    I wish them well and fun and learn, learn, learn all they can. School is so much fun. So, are you packed yet?

  4. Whatta cutie!! They do grow up so fast, and I know how the heart strings get tugged and pulled on!!

  5. What a precious one.

    Do you ever send her snail mail? I'll bet she'd love it.


    1. not as much as i really should...thanks for the reminder.....i sent her some pressed violets that she made and left here
      and she loved it

  6. Me again....Karen is so right about the snail mail. You may have seen a previous Magpie post, but here it is again....about putting our legacies for the young in writing..... http://efficientagony.blogspot.com/2012/06/magpie-tales-121-he-tweets-me-she.html

    1. oh boy I shall check it out again.....with different eyes ,Rick...thanks
      I hate that miles, so many miles seperate us....
      that son of mine....how dare he live his life as he sees fit..;)

  7. Aww, she is in the same grade as my Emma. And I totally understand what it is to be miles apart. I so long to be part of Emma's school day.

    Perhaps next year I will make it back to Utah.

    1. boo hoo
      darn kids..ours!
      I am really thinking of going.....really who wouldn't want to go to Laguna Beach Ca.?

  8. she's so sweet - and I hope that your grandmother's heart will whisk you and hubbie off to see her and the brood. you deserve it.

  9. How pretty...and I know the feelings ;)

  10. Replies
    1. Oh M.Heart.......she is such a doll
      so bright, so charming
      so huggable....boooooooooooooo

  11. Such a big thing Suz going full time to kindergarten, she is a wee cutie. Get yourself down there...... :)

    1. It is big....she called me today with an update
      nice school...nice teacher, nice kids
      nice desk
      I've only flew alone once..and the flight got cancelled due to snow....I was stuck in the airport....good thing my daughter in law...rescued me...from technology.....
      but I think I will go with or without Himself

  12. Don't just say it....DO IT! You have the health and the means, GO! They grow up so fast, enjoy as much as you can of their little selves :)

    And yes they play, my all day program had 3 recess's and a P.E. class!

    1. ooo thanks Red...I am so glad to hear that....
      .....I'm leaning that way...to go...
      I would love to see their faces when they open the door and see me!

  13. What a beautiful girl - your post tugged at my heartstrings. I wish you could have been there, too :) Thank you for leaving a comment regarding my dad's wedding ring. Have a beautiful weekend... Donna

  14. She is a dolly to be sure. It must be hard not to see her as often as you would like. You could, right? You could go and visit. Two or just you.

  15. I do hope you'll go. And why not go on your own? You'll still love the old man, even if you are apart for a few days.

    A-fib does come back, meds don't always stop it. I should know . . . . . .

  16. You should. You should go - even if it's by yourself. Do it. She'll only be this little for a short time.

  17. Go Girl! I would love to hear about the evil Mrs Weber!!

  18. DO IT! September is a great month to visit California. Great pun... "It's not California's fault." Good one.


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