Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's rained a few times lately, stormed
lighting, thunder...the angels bowling kind of sounds
Oh, I enjoyed remembering that from childhood
I believed it
Took away the fear of storm

The garden earth soaked up the rain eagerly
the trees lifted their leaves again
like in prayer
So needed was this rain

I have been writing all week
working on flash fiction for an upcoming workshop in September
Working on my memoir.....not my favorite
Working on short stories for my writing group
taking the stories to some dark places
writing to the edge.....seems our leader likes 'em dark
likes them gritty, likes them topical
Not sure I do.....when you I write like this it stays with me too long
disturbs my thinking...sticks to me like spilled syrup
explores territory within me that I know
either directly or indirectly...hurts like walking on glass
The only thing that helps this sticky stuff is reading
other's work...I get lost in their sticky stuff
The current issue of Glimmer Train Magazine
has a few good stories....that stayed with me over my own thoughts
had that power of a good story

Last Saturday, Finn came over and we went to a restaurant that delivers your food
by train....What fun
This Saturday, it will be quiet
I dug out some poetry books.....I forgot how much I love poetry
Poetry delivers it like no other kind of writing
I bow to good poets (that be you, Brian)

I am eager for
autumn has always been dreaded by me
for winter soon comes
winter..that season of emptiness
no color, no green especially
dark gray skies mostly
icy street and drifting snow in my driveway
and we are getting too old to clear it ourselves
and good reliable workers are hard to find
even in this terrible state of our country's economy
So I usually dread winter's coming
But not this year.
I am eager for the cycle to go onward
I need this rest period, this warmth from hearth and home
Though I am eating a low carb lifestyle
I still think I can make meals comforting
I need comfort in all its forms
So reading through an anthology
I found this wonderful poem that graced me,
by Nikki Giovanni, called -

Winter Poem

once a snowflake fell
on my brow and i loved
it so much i kissed
it and it was happy and called its cousins
and brothers and a web
of snow engulfed me then
i reached to love them all
and i squeezed them and they became
a spring rain and i stood perfectly
still and was a flower


  1. i am eager for autumn as well....rain last night cooled it down this morning to feel a little bit like it....delivers by train, now that is way cool....and i like to dip into the darker stuff...i dont post it often but...smiles.

  2. Poetry and blog post like this one quench my parched earth.

  3. Smile. You know you can't avoid dark stuff, just as you can't avoid storms and dark days. Glad the rain cooled things off.

  4. I love winter, but I guess it's easy to love in the South. I do love the gray skies and browns and greens of the evergreens. The low light is so pretty. I love my garden in the winter. It's just so...promising, I guess:)

  5. I loved the verse, and even though I am not a writer, I know what you mean about words and winter too.

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

  6. I'm so glad you got some rain and your heat wave is over. I really loved the verse about snowflakes; I felt cooler just reading it!



  7. Love love the snowflake poem! And I'm glad to hear you're writing! I have always loved fall best is tinged with a little panic at the thought of winter following immediately after! I don't comment often but I love reading your blogs, Sue. And thank you for your comments on mine. I need to get back in the routine!

  8. I too love the snowflake poem, and what a busy week you have had Suz.

    Spring is here in my part of the world, so Autumn will not be far away.
    I am looking forward to some warm, dry days, we have just had four weeks of rain, on and off showers cold with a blustery cold winds.

    Have a great week.

  9. It is a different type of feeling when one has to explore within when writing. Great post and great poem to finish.

  10. Isthis what's a normal day for writers? Coming from the Philippines, i have love the 4 seasons. I have all ideas to enjoy them... Nice post...


  11. beautiful photography and a beautiful post and also the poem was lovely. I love winters 'cuz they help me appreciate warmth, the sun but more than that I love winters for the snow, the tender touch of the flakes, the sheer beauty of the pure snow.


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