Thursday, August 2, 2012

I had a discussion with someone about baggage.
As she was talking about traveling items,
my mind wandered off to another kind.
These thoughts would have been lost on her...
but I rather like sharing my thoughts with myself....
so I continued to think about baggage into the night
and I even dreamt about it
Going baggage
and as I walked through the airport my legs got heavier and heavier
until I could hardly walk so weighed down were they
I think I am focused on the suffering
and resisting healing
I thought I was traveling light
but yesterday I started to cry for Isla Maeve
Such a beautiful summer day it was
that I thought of her as I watched my neighbor's daughter
walking with her grandmother

luggage of the heart filled with lead
I am heading to the airport of days
carrying every bag I ever had
I need to travel light
need to have dog mind
Isla is with the Lord and her mother and father loved her
to the point of letting their hearts break to let her live
as long as she could...
Holding her was a moment I will never forget
and yesterday she came to me in a summer breeze
and I remembered her
But I cannot stay here
I must let go of my sadness..

not of her.....she is in glory
and  drop this suitcase of tears
and walk on ...
Animals can teach us this
today my arms are free
I can move within myself
twirl around and settle in to the joys that are my life
turn my suitcases into a resting place
of quiet places

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  1. Sad but beautiful Suz, such is love at times.

  2. walking on
    you do her a great honor...
    i am glad for those little reminders
    like a summer breeze...

  3. Replies
    1. I knew this as I was writing this dear Rosaria,
      peace that passes all understanding be yours

  4. Sometimes as we pry our fingers from what we are clutching, and set that burden down, and leave it behind...the release we feel can be empowering and it can help us walk into and see the future so differently.

    Your sweet pea will always be with you, Suz. Let your loving memories of her inspire you.


  5. Sad but lovely piece. I agree with Karen... I've been there!... :-))


    Btw, i am so excited, going home is coming closer and closer... Wanna come?

  6. There is no way you can stop mournig just yet. Allow yourself time.
    The bags may get lighter as we travel on, but they'll always be there. They make us who we are.

  7. A sad and profound loss. Sharing it in this way makes it more bearable, I think.

  8. Oh Sue, her sweet little name is like a summer breeze and it's there sending you a little reminder kiss of how you care and that she's fine. She was thinking about you. It is so sad for us left. Beautiful writing.

  9. Simply beautiful. A perfect little soul playing among your thoughts to bring comfort to your soul. Did you feel her touch? Just beautiful. And I saw your comment on April's blog...Uta leaves from Seattle.

  10. Dog wisdom -- yes, indeed. Love. Be. Love.


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