Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tonight is my writing group
sigh...not good sigh
I have been having computer problems..again
but it doesn't really matter
I have brain freeze, brain drain
My story is about an obsessed man
a stalker, a killer
Nice topic , huh?
But I had it going a bit..and then my computer froze
and I hadn't yet saved what I had written....gone
I am not given to fits of anger, but today I wanted to
heave the computer out of the window..for good
Now, here is the important thing
I think I have lost my writing brain
ever since I went wheat brain won't write
my creativity is down
and so am I
So what did I do.?....I went to the grocery store
and tortured myself...past the bread aisle
past the pretzels
past the spaghetti
Now I am back home ...the computer is unfrozen
but my brain still doesn't want to go back to John Sloane
and his obsession
only mine-


  1. You are so darned gifted with words, so what's the problem? I would love to be able to ramble on and make sense like you do...
    Wheat, it's beautiful, so like the apple to Adam and Eve.

    1. I think it is the lack of wheat :)
      when I sit to write...I just sit and sit

  2. Wheat, ah sweet lovely wheat...haha I'm laughing because I've pretty much been sidestepping it too. Although tonight I'm gonna' give myself a quinoa jolt. Close, and close is good enough.

    Sooooo sorry about the computer thing - I would be screaming!
    But you are gifted - and if you can refind your groove, I know you'll just sail right along. And my what a lovely subject you chose....?!

    1. ....just about everything I liked is wheat based!
      omg...and I think it has starved my writing brain to not have wheat gluten

  3. there any vitamin or nutrient you are missing in a wheat free diet that would cause the energy loss or is it just getting over the hump?

    1. it is mental..ha ha I can't believe I just said that...
      But I have noticed a lack of concentration
      I eat low carb anyway..but the no wheat is new
      so we'll see

  4. if this way to write is a sign of loosing your writing brain, i am jealous... hahaha... u made this post cool, and you are not in the mood at that... this will pass... love u sis!


    1. oh Jj...I can always count on you
      and yes ,writing anything helps

  5. Smile! This too will pass, and you'll be creating a slew of great characters. Our bodies are sooooo smart!

    1. You are right about that Rosaria
      but I hope it is soon

  6. When I am working on something and I stop writing for whatever reason the flow is gone and it is so difficult to get back in the flow, and even worse if I had lost what I had written. But sometimes it is the Universe making us rethink what we've written. So Suz, John Sloane is waiting for you with some fresh oven baked bread for starters followed by your favorite pasta dish for the main course, so let yourself go........

    1. oh John! you rat!
      ha ha
      and yes, writing is the best corrective medicine
      but come on....we all love wheat
      ....and you didn't mention the pretzel rods he keeps on the kitchen counter in a glass cylinder

  7. Hmm based on what you just wrote and how you wrote it, I think you still have SOME writing brain left :) Hang in there!!!!!!!!!

  8. Get yourself some granola, girl!
    We need your writing and your view of the world.


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