Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ah, Galena
At the last minute we decided to head for it
Blue skies, puffy white clouds, sunshine
80 degrees

The landscaping is in pretty rough shape
no water for quite a while
but good golly...the weeds didn't get the memo
they are everywhere
but the house always says home as we pull in the driveway


This vine keeps growing..and I keep pulling it
I think it is a grapevine...but different than the one at home
that is taking over my familyroom window
Chipmunks live in this rock wall
and I adore seeing them..rascals

We visited our favorite shopkeepers...they said they were glad to see us
now that was nice...
I bought some new red readers and  jar of Amish dill pickles
I had a caprese salad...didn't think they knew about caprese salad here
in the country....:)
I shopped on my own a bit while hubby chewed the fat a bit
political fat......ugh...with some locals
and I found two gifts for a few friends.had their names on them
Red......I hope I can find your address...boy did I find you a hoot of a gift
and'll love him
It was a gorgeous day..just me and hubby
just wandering around..taking in the views
Bought some farm stand...real farm stand...tomatoes...
some Wisconsin sharp Cheddar
peppers, apples...heirloom ones
and we had filet for supper
oh my that is how meat is supposed to taste
...don't tell me it came from an animal..or I'll cry
sometimes one needs to be ignorant to get through life
We bought a bottle of California wine
and we plan on sitting on the deck and watch night fall sort of a joke between my husband and myself
He loves saying night fell
....did you hear it?



  1. nice...sounds like you had a wonderful time...hope the night is gentle to you as night falls...i like watching the little rascals too...smiles.

  2. What a wonderful time you have had. Great chance to relax and re-energise.

  3. Sounds like it was just what the Dr. ordered ;)

  4. can i come? it looks so quiet and peaceful and relaxing... i needed a place like that now...


  5. Is this a B&B or a second home. It's beautiful. I'm glad you got to unwind and enjoy a different view for a while.
    What are " red readers."?

  6. Suz, I am so glad you are having peaceful times. Night fell, yes it did and so glad you were there to catch it with someone you love. Enjoy.

  7. Such bliss Suz, what a blessing.

  8. Sounds wonderful and refreshing! :) Funny how a get away and slowing down will do that!

  9. I love Galena. Fantasized about living there once upon a time.

  10. sounds absolutely delightful! Wish I could get away with readers, everywhere I go I see such cute ones.

  11. You are so blessed. I know you know it, but I just had to say it. To have such a place... sigh.

  12. What a pretty, idyllic getaway. The pickles sound so good! The Wine sounds even better. Glad you got to eat good filet and fresh food. Good for the soul. Always loved Galena. So pretty at Christmas! OOOOh, sounds like a lovely day. Hope you bought yourself something pretty there.

  13. Oh my gosh...found this post. And I am so honored. I love my caterpillar (centipede). He loves my cricket, turtle, butterfly, rabbit, grasshopper collection. You are the most you, April


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