Friday, September 7, 2012

I had a wonderful time.
I met some interesting lady from Viet Nam
who struggled to understand a monument that had the words
Tree Magie on it
The large headstone stood in a clearing with tall oak trees framing it
She thought it was a magic place of trees
...I think she was right...oh I adored fascinating talking to her
And then there was this woman talking photos me
only she had a real camera....she drifted my way and began talking to me about
what I took photos of.....what interested me through the lens
this pleased her.....she actually invited me to visit her camera club
and encouraged me to join the one in my area
....ha....I wouldn't know a f-stop from the Elevated stop
It was very difficult to take photos while keeping up with the group
I will need to go to cemeteries alone.....wait for the light to be just so
look for the purposefully put there on every stone

Every big shot from old Chicago is there indeed at Graceland
poets architects mayors business magnates
big shots with big graves
except for Mayor Daley...he's buried in an ordinary catholic south suburban cemetary

The experience yesterday was is...
Like most big city cemeteries of this era
they are built like parks...big gorgeous parks
I loved every tree I saw...collected many acorns...for which I was laughed at
bah..who cares....some people have no magic in their souls
But I do....
I even tarried over a grave.....
..a story....came to me
I asked our guide...who is a history  prof...What do you know about the battle of Stone River?
He didn't know.....
.But this young man died of his wounds there
Battles are always horrific for those who fight in them
and there stories are forgotten...their pain, their sacrifice
the history
I came away from my day at Graceland Cemetery


  1. What a beautiful place Suz and GREAT photos, but none of the young chic (is that what you said yesterday?) who took them! :)

  2. very cool....some really nice statuary and relief work there....glad you had a good time....

  3. I'm sure I'm considered weird, but I love the atmosphere of cemeteries. Obviously, you do too, otherwise you wouldn't have found so many splendid images to reproduce here. There is something theatrical and over-the-top to old cemeteries, nothing to do with peace and eternal rest, more to do with pomp and circumstance and showing off in front of the (dead) neighbours.

    1. I told you we were seperated at birth Friko

  4. Fabulous photographs. Like Friko, I love cemeteries and wondering about the names on graves and their stories.

  5. Neat Neat Neat!! My artist Aunt Jeanie and I have enjoyed going to cemeteries all our lives! We have one here in Rochester you would probably love, Suz, Mr. Hope. Lots of famous there too, like Mr. Baush and Mr. Lomb, but most notable, Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony. Maybe I should go there tomorrow with the camera if the weather's nice and visit him and her again.......

  6. Wonderful photos Suz! The statuary is just beautiful...

    1. oh nothing like cemetary statuary
      it goes to the gut in experience

  7. Suz, you never cease to inspire me. This summer I went with some high school friends to the cemetery of their families, generations way back. My one friend new the personal stories of those long dead and the poignant endings of young lives, recently lost. The tiny toys left by headstones, the tee shirts, pom poms. footballs lovingly placed. It was heartbreaking, oh yes it was, but love was apparent, everywhere, and the connection to history, to those that came before us, gave strength to the day. Sorry I have been a no show of late, transitioning, and bringing the big picture into focus.

    1. oh my goodness...I can't wait to hear all about it

  8. These are gorgeous shots, Suz. You have a good eye for composition and light.

  9. Years ago, when we lived in Chicagoland, I visited Graceland. It is a truly amazing place. Your wonderful photos have reminded me of that day. Thank-you, Suz.

  10. Great photos and you were the hottest chick there. Bet the bus driver was glad you came.

    1. why you know just the right thing to say to a gal..bless you


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