Saturday, June 11, 2011

 Some day I may tell you
how important this going to workshop is to me
...I saw the signs
first one being the books I needed to read
all at the library's book sale
..right in front of me many Fitzgerald books do you see?
and when I waited just long enough for the workshop to be closed
I ran into my friend who dared me to put my name on the waiting list
I did
Then I ran into this same friend again....have you called? she asked
Of course..reluctantly...but I didn't tell her that
That very afternoon I got a call that someone had
Then the fox
a who walks in two worlds...
one who charms then pounces
almost invisible
My fox came to me at the end of his life:
be the fox
in your life
It's more than about writing
it's about rounding the circle
returning to where it began
The place in myself where I began again
I will  think of you thinking of me
I will hug a tree,
I will sit out on the rock shore facing the bay
I will dance around the counsel ring by firelight
 I will be brave in the total darkness of the night
I know why I write

 ..a longing so indefinable
Love affairs, miseries of life,
the way things were,people already dead,
Those who left and the ocean that tossed them
on the shores of a distant land
All things born of the soul,that can only be felt

...Anthony De Sa, from Barnacle Love


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  2. The magic of life, wonderful!

  3. Divine guidance, I'd say Suz! And how well you are learning to see the signs set out before you. I'd love to hear more about the fox. Let's talk sometime. Email me!! And enjoy the writing. I am envious of your time away, by yourself, nourishing that place in you that needs to grow right now.

  4. The signs were there; but you were willing to read, interpret,fall into the magic hour.

  5. Are you going to The Clearing? Wherever you're going, ENJOY!!! You deserve it. And the signs are all there!!

  6. sounds like you had a rather magical experience..follow the signs, you will do well...

  7. Robin...yep
    Brian..I'm still laughing over the adjectives ...I really like you you're my kind of writer
    Rosaria...fall into the magic that's writing

  8. It's about giving yourself :)


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