Monday, June 6, 2011

 Oh this is how I feel this morning
like a worn stone circle
decorative in its day
now something with a  patina
a wabi sabi woman
to what I'm not certain
but somewhere rising upward
like the little sprout
within the aging wheel of stone
light shining down on me
..all over me
...Does that make any sense?


  1. A beautiful wabi sabi woman you are!

    The history, the circle, the worn store, the circle, the light, and the little sprout - it all makes sense. To me, it sounds like wisdom.

  2. Beautifully said and with perfect sense.

  3. It sounds like you are finding inspiration and validation in that stone. Yeah!!!!

  4. yeah i get you...a little worn but the new life sprouting makes it worth it eh?

  5. Makes perfect sense, but you, my dear, are no worn stone! The decorations may change, but shine nevertheless!


  6. i always base what's happening at present is always been based on the past. how beautiful things could be in the future is because of the pretty past. as long as we are moving forward no matter how slow, is a very good thing... this is an inspiration... i love it...

  7. A wabi sabi woman -- what a wonderful concept!


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