Wednesday, June 22, 2011

lost in

 I have discovered the joy of moment long ago
being still and being present
This past week we had to focus on moments
..look for them everywhere... find poems, be open to

stained glass red windows
 sunlight passing through poppies
singing bell has wrung


  1. Wonderful, you just get better and better!

  2. Hi John, I survived the week...actually thrived....
    good comments on my writing...direction to make it better...and a beautiful setting above the cliffs overlooking lake Michigan...that great body of water..and of course good fellowship and good food
    thank you for commenting..not too many people like or understand haiku...

  3. Joyeux ... this is lovely and brought to mind the word I just wrote. However, that reaches way back into childhood and French lessons. Forgive me if the spelling is off.

  4. I LOVE POPPIES! I miss the gardening I used to do when we lived in California...the feel of the dark soil between my fingers... The Poppies, nasturtiums, impatiens, wild flowers, Black Eyed Susan, many wonderful flowers...

    Now I live in Henderson, Nevada. It is all about the desert. Gardening here is like mining and not the same at all. I miss it...

  5. the joy of being in the moment..feeling alive in now however it be aware of being alive...makes life beautiful..i know that feeling, that joy, it makes the journey easy and beautiful :)

    beautifully expressed suz, kudos.


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