Tuesday, June 7, 2011

kid summer

 My little grandchildren are coming for a visit the end of June
 My heart spread wings upon hearing this...
Little Miss will love my new birdbath
she is into bright colors and butterflies
and she asked me if I still had the slip and slide
Grandpa doesn't know it.....but I do
Oh the thoughts of being a kid again in summer
when a little plastic pool brought such joy
and a picnic on the grass with watermelon
and popsicles
 was all you wanted
and Grandma's fingers scratching your back
before bed


  1. that would be fun.. I miss doing those things to
    my nephews and nieces now that they are grown ups... an the plastic pool which we the adults enjoy ourselves since we cannot afford to have the real pool back home. I'm smilin while imagining those times...



  2. that is such a cool birdbath! i know they will love it...and what a special place of popsicles and back scratches...

  3. Sounds like heaven to me =-) I can close my eyes and transport back to when my kids were little, splashing and squealing in the little pool on the front lawn, me on the porch watching diligently, book or quilting in my lap, iced tea on the porch rail...ahhhh...

  4. Hi Suz! I miss those days when my grandchildren were small. When my 14 year old grandson spent the night, he would ask 'Wooonie will you scratch my back and bunnies?' before he went to sleep. (bunnies are just that - buns)

  5. What a beautiful (!!) birdbath, and what sweet memories of summer that I have and hadn't thought about in awhile...Thanks for that!

  6. So sweet Suz in every way.

  7. i can hear the grin in your writing, suz. have FUN!

  8. Sweet memories... this is how we learn to be grandmothers ourselves.
    Have fun with the grandkids. They make you young again. They teach you to take more naps...

  9. Kids! Their thoughts are centered around having fun, feeling good, loving, and caring. We should all take lessons. And besides: who wouldn't want to eat just watermelon and popsicles. (it keeps telling me I've mis-spelled that but have I?) I'm so grateful to be able to see my grandchildren and children each day now. I am loving it!

  10. Beautiful birdbath, Suz !
    Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren !

  11. OH MY! Your birdbath is exquisite. But it probably pales in comparison to pink chubby grandchild toes! ENJOY

  12. Bet you can't wait!!

    (Is it before or after your writing/Fitzgerald week?)


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