Thursday, March 15, 2012

I love this daughter
and hold her in prayer everyday
for the journey she is on
not by choice
well, maybe by choice
she chose life
Tomorrow she moves to a new home
of tall oaks, cobblestone streets
and wrought iron
grandpa and I will have our grandson all day
Precious little guy
he thinks all that is going on is moving to a new house
and that his room has many windows
and places for his trains
Just about every friend I have
is going through trials or tribulations
This is life is a gift truly
The older I get the clearer it is to me
that our footsteps touch many kinds of stones on the path
it is how we walk them that counts
Here's to a new life, dear daughter


  1. Even though the setting of oak-lined streets, cobblestones and wrought-iron sounds so idyllic, I know that this must be a difficult move for her and your grandson. Life is certainly hard but lucky she has you close by to help. I hold her in thought for a smooth transition.

  2. Taking new paths, walking new cobblestones ... what life is all about. You know that well, Suz.

    1. yes, I do....and though it hurts so much sometimes these stones....I have always gone to the next one ...with grace, love and dignity.....and faith
      thank you Helen...I know you know

  3. how we walk them does matter...

    we moved so many times through the years...the last 5 we have stuck put with the boys getting older and it having more of an impact on them...

    have fun with your little tomorrow and i hope all goes well with the move...

  4. And so it is!
    Best of luck to your daughter and grandchild. Change is part of our path, for sure.

  5. How much you love her shows in just about every other word you write. Although we are more than parents, grandparents, it is always with us and colors just about everything. Your daughter is brave and generous and loving, and the road ahead, pretty tough. I know that you will be there with her, every step of the way.

    1. Wrinks....yes, you know I will
      and I think the road ahead will be short but long
      but the circle grows stronger
      thanks sweet friend for all you've come to mean to me

  6. Best of luck to them... My prayers for them too. And to you!


  7. Thank God she has you... her amazing mother. I wish her strength, new and wonderful directions and love.

    1. Farmlady thank you
      our littlest bean....thank you for your kind words

  8. Hello Suz:
    We do firmly believe that it is not Life's problems that make one the person that one is, but how one deals with them. What is so very fortunate is that your daughter and grandson can obviously rely upon your unconditional love to support and encourage them in the next stage of their lives. May you all draw strength from that love which so clearly binds you!

  9. Sad to stand by and watch when others have problems. You can only do the best you can to support the ones you love. You, your daughter and grandson are lucky to have each other

  10. Oh, you are exactly right - it is how we walk on them. What a joy to have a daughter that you not only cherish, but are so proud of. What a blessing.

  11. As you say, there is nobody who is not carrying a bundle on their back.
    Best wishes for your and your family. May the new road be smooth and easy and may there indeed be lots of tracks to run a boy's dream train.


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