Saturday, March 24, 2012

So much swirling around me lately
so many things to do, to prepare for,to let go of
Letting go...the hard one
I have embarked on spring cleaning early
well, if Mother Nature can arrive early..I can clean out early
but what do I keep, what do I throw or give away?
...Always the delay
Just as in the garden, what stays, what is to be moved or shared
I have, in the past had to make choices about people too
Who stays as a friend, who is too much of a spirit sapper ...and goes
always choices to be made
So far, I have navigated well through these waters
But I am getting older and my energy levels..well, sometimes
I'd rather sit and read a good book
or just write one...finally
choices...we live by them and sometimes suffer and die because of them
So you see, this spring cleaning thing is important
what if I throw something out that later I regret..or daughters ask me for
If I ask them...they say...oh, don't get rid of that.....but I am the one they expect to store it all
choices....they are mine...not theirs....
one warning this time..and it goes
Ah... liberation


  1. Lots of spring cleaning going on here as well - I just finished the first 8 of 15 windows that need washing and about half the garden beds are raked out. Of course this week the temperatures are going to dip back down and drive me back inside the house but what a bonus to get such a head start on these tasks!

    1. Uma..yes, yes...a bonus to finish early so as to enjoy the summer breezes. I do believe your journey to home is an intentional one from the universe..enjoy and be surrounded by love....

  2. write that book! smiles....i hear you on navigating those relationships as well...the ones that sap us and the ones that energize wishes on the cleaning...smiles.

    1. I"M TRYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      thanks, I'll think of you as I am knee deep in basement stuff...picturing you smiling

  3. Hello Suz:
    Somehow there is something about spring which brings the urge to refresh and renew in so many aspects of our lives. And yet, like you, we do find it difficult to simply rid ourselves of what, undoubtedly, many others would consider to be clutter in our lives. However, we are quite ruthless about 'negative' people and never give them house room. Still, a good book never disappoints....we are with you on that!!

    1. Oh yes it does, doesn't it? I have been trying to edit what did I do last week...I bought another one....I promised myself that one of the others needed a good home....but which one? oh dear
      and the secret of a happy life is to keep the negative people away from your door...i agree...ruthless..yes!
      I enjoy many non- fictions books too

  4. i already did set up the patio furniture at my boss' home. me and JC went out to buy the things we need for our little patio too today. and it is looking good.

    age is just numbers... :-) u had help me think of what to keep and let go when i was down last year. thank you for that.

    God bless sister... have a great week ahead...


  5. Jj....thank you age is just a number
    This summer should be wonderful for you an JC

  6. Is the book in progress? Finished? Can you tell us more? I can't wait to read it.

  7. Seems like this shedding of feathers is contagious! I say, let the children store their own stuff!!!
    Do me a favor and let me know that you DID receive a parcel from me, will you? I neglected to get a receipt for it and am worried that it did not arrive safely!

    1. oh dear one came and it was very emotional
      watch for one of your own...
      it was the most beautiful gift ever
      She moved last weekend and I have been doctoring with a bad drug reaction...oh dear
      the silent little one's heart still beats
      a love rhythmn

    2. I don't know how you bear it. Your family tree must have very strong branches. I am sending lvoe and the best wishes possible.

    3. ...and roots

      I feel the love Jody thank close I feel to your heart...and I have never met you....bless your good and generous being

  8. I finally hired someone to clear the garage. My instructions were vague, and so, I still have to sort things out and part with some. The good part, the place is clean and habitable again, and my tasks are minimal compared to the original state of things.

    Yes, we need to part with things we don't use, give them out, or sell them. Having an uncluttered canvas feels great.

  9. The age old dilemma, what stays, what goes, in all aspects of life.
    I have felt much better since my familial housecleaning, I hope they do too.
    Spirit sappers, I call them emotional vampires :)

  10. It's so hard to shed what one no longer needs. Spring cleaning.... a very vexed question. But as you say, it is also liberating. Sadly, it's a form of liberation I have yet to experience.

  11. So, I say, sit and read. Decide when your energy returns - for now - read.


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