Monday, March 5, 2012

a sketch for the day
who is that on paper
unfinished,like me

I promised my friend April
that I would try to do a sketch a day
for the month of March
I am not an artist, but have a few wayward
artisty genes leftover from my father
this is my March 1st attempt
Not sure I'll post anymore
it is something that is very difficult and I constantly erase
and start over....big inner critic
and well deserved criticism I might add
AND I just couldn't help but attempt to make a haiku
out of it...hee hee
I love visual prompts......I use them for writing all the time
I cut pictures out of magazines or save ones from the internet that match
something I am writing about....or I use it to jump start a story
such as these pictures, that went on to become stories

I won't be doing much writing today, I have a mess of housework to do
How do two people create all this mess?
I attended 2 wakes this weekend and babysat for Finn
but the hardest thing I did was keep my heart together
So off I go to find the vacuum
and defrost some pork chops


  1. nice....i like picture prompts as well and keep an inspiration journal...also a cell phone full of pics....things i find...

    i like your did well adding some shading...enjoy that journey...

    unfinished like me....true line that...

    1. Brian, you are a true writier. It doesn't suprise me that you keep images too. I have a box filled with false starts and bits of unfinished poetry....always a good place to go to for an idea too
      oh pishaw...the drawing is beginner overdrive ha ha
      but the that last line was a moment

  2. I'm sorry to hear you had to attend two wakes :( I hope little Finn helped cheer you up!

    I love that you are always trying new things too. You inspire me!

  3. Suz, your drawing is lovely! Tell that inner critic to take a hike!!

    1. ha! coming from you....what a who is as good as they come with a pencil! but is a challenge....who knows...maybe I'll come back to class
      lordie I need it

  4. Let's forget the wakes but not their memory... That's a nice sketch. I cannot do one. :-(

    Enjoy doing the chores if that is possible... :-)


    1. Jjand you don't write either...I know
      ha...I think you should pick up a pencil too...Ill bet you can sketch
      'cause we know youcan write! ..

  5. Hi Suz, I think you are a true artist and you should keep drawing and creating. The sketch is lovely and interesting. Don't be so hard on yourself; we women do that and it is unwarranted. Your artistry in poetry extends to all things. Including drawing, cooking, photography, whatever. There are no rules in that world except to believe in your art..... p.s. don't vacume.

    1. Oh are too kind.I know I am not an artist..I love to write...and sometimes I dabble in art is relaxing and fun and challenging...I guess that was my friend April's point....stretch
      oh and I love animals and path to moments
      but hee hee...thanks

  6. A very nice sketch -- maybe the vacuuming can wait...

    1. no, I vacuumned...but I did do another sketch

  7. A great piece of art Suz. I am still trying to get round defrosting the chops with the vacuum..... :)

    1. hubby ate a late we are having those chops today...
      I ate leftover Chinese
      ..but "art" are too kind

  8. Suz you have a lot of talent that I think is growing and going to keep on going. Thanks for the tip about the visual prompts. I am often inspired when out and about and jot down ideas on store receipts, pieces of bags, anything I can find, only to lose them or forget what I was talking about in the first place. A little discipline might be in order. Enjoy your day and your dinner. I have a feeling, even though you will be nesting, the artist in you will be watching and storing up for later.

    1. ah...Wrinkles ..I've read your don't need prompts...I still think of you and violets...what an image
      Unfortunately, I am a dabbler
      the only thing I can't do writing
      I write every day ....for myself mostly...doesn't matter...I write....someday my kids can sort it all out
      they may just find pieces of me that they didn't my stories....
      today.....gardening! well, clean up gardening

  9. Hey, she looks pretty good. Its ok to erase just as in carving we "make adjustments". Yes, keep writing, I want more suspense stories.


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