Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh, to have a shower like this one.
Why does warm water all over our bodies feel so good
so comforting?
My workouts have hit a few snags latey
and I am not happy about it.
First of all I had some bad Chinese, and then I slipped on a stair
and twisted my instep...of all places
I missed one workout with Jose....the Chinese food
But I showed up with my gimpy foot..stair mishap
and did my workout yesterday....
today.....oh my...my foot is killing me
Sucks being older :)
But I am not a quitter...
Today I am doing some marathon reading
The People of the Book
Has anyone read it?
So far..not bad
I really feel more like reading a beach read
but since I need to rest my foot
I guess I better take advantage of the time on the couch
and finish my book club book.
I feel like blabbing today, so my post is going to be like an annoying
person sitting next to you on the train who won't shut up..
The California ones were supposed to come today, but they're sick
and won't be coming....blue me...I miss them so much
And yesterday my Clearing catalogue arrived
I immediately contacted my writing buddies
Want to go? To a writing workshop?
heck yes...
So in May we will be heading back to Door County
hip hip hooray
I love that place
But I confess....I have given up writing
dry as a bone and discouraged
It takes so much focus to write
and I have focused on other things
and I can't seen to do both.....
and rejection is a bitch that bites the ego
and my time has been taken up with others
...this is not a complaint....I am needed
but rather an acknowledgment
of what is
The other things that have taken up my time
are remodeling a bath at our new house in Galena
....and redoing a few things around here
So busy...I have not taken time to be
that time that suspends everything
and heals the aching body and soul
and heart
by emptying
My creative being is weighed down
and I can't seem to stir her
she is in exile...bitch
She is pity potting
licking her wounds
I have let her have her space, hoping she will get it out and wallow a bit
then..show up....nope, hasn't happened
Instead she has reached me and drawn me closer to her
and I find myself withdrawing even more from the creative spirit
except for making 33 valentines for April's party

But the bad news was, I missed the party because I had to meet with the contractor
in Galena....oh, that group is such a collective of creative spirits
Maybe getting ready to go to Door County
having to polish a few stories to submit for comment
may get my juices flowing again
..but then I ask myself..flowing toward what..
the ocean of every other disheartened writer
time to slay a dragon
I think
....just listening to myself moan
is an eyeopener
a few dragons...
Okay, I understand if you have gotten up
and found a new seat on the train


  1. do take that time to be...when you can...busy is good but being is better...smiles...hope the foot feels better soon as well...

  2. Soon, you will be back on your feet, winning the world again...you're close, and close counts. I cannot wait to see the new house...I didn't know. Does it have a garden?

    1. oh, I hope so..but for now, my foot is killing me...should have taken a break from the workout...and not tried to prove something to myself
      Yes the house has garden..flower garden
      what is growing there, I don't know...should be fun finding out...but you know I will just have to myself into that garden somehow

  3. You sound just like me, and I too could be your seat mate on that complaint train. Just take time, for the things that are on your plate, I'd say. If not, your foot won't forgive you; your bathroom won't get done...BTW, I LOVE that shower!

    1. ha ha...we trainmates have to stick together..comiserate..sp?
      well you get it....Oh Rosaria I have so much on my plate..and most I can't say much about...it's not my business to say...I respect privacy...but I am needed and I love... so..there is the rub...a choice
      to give the shirt off of your back when it's easy is not giving..it's when we give when it's hard or self putting aside...now that is ...well, I know you know what it is
      thanks....I am resting the old foot today
      and yes,,,,,,that shower is dreamy

  4. Still reading :)
    Is that a pair of red shoes I see on one of those cards?
    I must admit I am loving being needed right now! After a bit of a hiatus from caregiving it feels good.
    No reading or writing for me, no focus. Age,could be.

    1. ha! youI noticed....I almost sent that one to you
      but I couldn't crank out one more valentine...I was dry with ideas
      and yes, my daughter needs me and my mother
      and others ....and I love them....
      and I will never have a writing career
      But I really am enjoying the book I am reading
      pray that my daughter gets a bingo, Red

  5. It's a delight to sit next to you, Suz. I love those Valentines -- as for the writing-- sometimes Life gets in the way and sometimes it's fueling you for the next bout of writing. Have faith,

    1. fueling me....hmmmm
      thanks for the encouragement
      and nudge to have faith in the process
      I am gathering right now...I like that

  6. Hello Suz:
    We have actually rather enjoyed being a passive listener here. Such a wonderfully eclectic selection of thoughts - almost a stream on consciousness.

    1. oh dear....it was babble
      it was a stream alright
      You know what? I would love to sit next to you two
      so elegant, yet so game
      ecletic wonder

  7. Happens to just about everyone Suz, you are allowed to be human. You have a great talent, do not lose the faith, everything is cyclic including how you feel at present.

    1. human? Oh I have that one down to perfection
      Talent? Oh only you and my mother would say that, and maybe one of my writing friends who lies
      No zen going on here
      no wabi sabi
      no meditation
      no yoga
      only straps and lifting my own weight
      and right now nothing....wings clipped
      but I thank you for your caring spirit
      it does encourage me to hang in there
      ..this too shall pass


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