Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Work out

Lately I have been feeling like
Practical Magic meets Enchanted April

 I wish I were Stockard Channing at times
kick ass, bad mouthed, brass balled


but alas
I'm not...
very often
But I am happy to report that there is a new man
in my life
....now don't get all freaked out
He's my new personal trainer
and he is kick ass....
my ass
But in a good way.....
I keep telling him to go easy on me
...I'm old
He rejects that
and raises the weight

Good golly
It feels so good to be back with a trainer
to be back at the gym
...ah such perfume to my nasal passages
and when I leave....I'm high on worked muscles
....such a high
to feel in touch with your body
in touch with muscles that I forgot I had
...oh those little muscles that you find
....Working on my own was not enough
I needed to feel the way I used to feel after a good workout

I tried locating my old crazy trainer
but so awful......I discovered that he died
in a car accident .....

So when I am struggling on my third rep
I think of him.....remembering him
always saying...when I moaned....that
This is no tea party!
The man was brutal
and I loved every minute of it.... him helping me discover my strength
and courage
to hang in there
Now that was and is Practical Magic

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  1. perfume to your nasal passages...ha...thinking back to a few gyms i have been in....err....smiles...

    it does feel good (after the pain) getting back into shape...

  2. Hello Suz:
    Just the very word Gym brings us out in cold sweats. No, we could not possibly go where you dare to go. We are sure that it is very good for you in both body and mind, we are certain that you will feel so much better for it, we are convinced that you will be able to take every one of life's stresses and strains completely in your stride....but, we shall not be joining you!!!

    However, only recently we watched the film 'Enchanted April' and loved it. A wonderful cameo performance by Joan Plowright. Now, sitting watching a good film....that is what we call exercise!

    1. ha ha...I love the finer things in life also....
      including good films.....and good wine
      and silk ....and I have a designer friend too, though not a famous one....but she is a hoot to hang around with...and she loves to cook..creative people are the best
      so see, I do love other things....but yes, getting sweaty in the gym is one of life's pleasures for me

  3. Replies
    1. truly they make all the difference...especially now that I am older....don't want to get hurt
      but don't want to coast either

  4. I can lift that chocolate bar twice as high just from reading this post!

    1. oh I could pinch your cute little rosey cheeks!

  5. Dear God Suz, u are training with a trainer at your age!!!! I want to go bury myself, Hats off and go easy on those weight, think of your old bones and back ;P

    1. I know! But my trainers oldest client is 80.....
      so no excuses.....while I'm still in prettty good health.....

  6. Good luck with the personal trainer. I've been training to do a flash mob dance...most of the time I feel like I've broken my hip!

  7. I'll pour myself another cup of tea and enjoy your party ;)

  8. Way to go Suz, there is no feeling like it! Well done.

  9. You're making me look bad. I need something to strengthen my whole body. So is Jose cute?... or is this really a quest for power? I know the answer. I need someone to kick my ass too.

  10. well.....yes.....Jose is cute....Portugese....sp?..
    and yes...power....it feels so good to have muscles knowing each other......and boy does he kiss my arse
    plank on the straps.....ouch


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