Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boo stared
The window was open and the smell of outside air
must have mesmerized him, for he just sat there and stared
Was it the smell of cut grass or just summer wafting in,
or was it a long forgotten genetic coding for outside
and the hunt that got him starring.....or freedom just beyond?
I have had this kind of staring at times in my life, too
staring into something I know is out there....something primal...
meant to be part of this life....just beyond my knowing


  1. you got me there...

    for me there had been a lot of times like this. just thinking what's gonna happen next. but the feeling of uncertainty is slowly fading...

    love the picture tho!


  2. is passing by so quickly that sometimes I wonder what is left out there for me to enjoy to explore....I just do wonder sometimes....but like Boo
    I love where I am too

  3. Or maybe, just maybe, he's thinking in catthink that he's happy to be safe inside, fed, warm, and sitting on that big bed. "Primal. Yeah. These humans think I'm primal. But, dang, I don't have to chase birds and frogs and snakes and nasty insects for my food anymore. I'll just wait and eat that Fancy Feast."

    Then, Boo said, " Oh yeah...forgot: I just LOVE that crystal bowl Suz serves the Fancy Feast in. Just like on TV. Primal! LOL. "


  4. Rick are so right about it all
    and yes he does like Fancy Feast
    and cosmic catnip and fuz balls and fake mice with feathers
    But it is fun and interesting to watch him sniff the air coming through the opened window

  5. nah...he is definitely thinking about all the fun he could have outside...we just got a new kitten he is 5 weeks old...and he is just learning about outside...

  6. I have a grey tiger cat sitting to the left of me at my work station, patient and purring.

    They can be very pensive creatures.

  7. Ah Brian, I no longer let my kitties outside.....learned the hard way....5 weeks...that is so little....still take a bottle of formula...Ill bet he'd like it...they still need to suckle at that age for good temperment
    bet the boys love him

  8. Christopher, hello!
    a grey tiger...and purring
    guess he owns you
    lucky you

  9. Our dogs will stand on the porch and just stare out at the yard. I think it's our favorite thing to do...

  10. Staring out, looking at stars, pondering the next step...
    We all do it. Ahhhhh... the possibilities....

  11. Great photograph and post, cats of course were considered very spiritual creatures. Perhaps whilst his eyes are looking out his vision is turned within where the secrets of the universe are hidden?

  12. Suz, you are one of those wonderful women who run with the wolves! (I adore that book). I have a black cat who is not allowed outdoors as I refuse to lose her to the road. Sometimes I feel cruel for denying her that primal urge that you refer to.
    P.S. you are 100% correct about the wagon - it's only about 50 years old!!! Like us! HA!

  13. Lovely post and beautiful picture of Boo, Sue !
    I really want my Moesj staying inside but she prefers being outside ...
    Nice weekend,

  14. Sylvia, I know hoard it is to keep them in once they "know" outside....Boo has never gone outside....not since he was a tiny baby and I took him outside for some Vitamin D sunshine
    Your Moesj is beautiful

  15. I have cast my lot with cats all my life. Currently I have outlived my last cat and have a relationship with a cat who has gathered me while actually living catty (sic!) corner across the street. He lives there because she accepted him when his owners who lived next door to me moved and purposely left him and his sister behind. They were both to go across the street. Lola didn't like it and moved to the next street over without difficulty. Recently I found out from their former owner that Lola died, poisoned everyone believes. Hell Boy still thinks he lives next door and can't figure out why they don't like him. Now he lives at least as much with me because I feed him better, I think.

  16. Hello Christopher, people do poison cats... that's why mine stay inside
    take pity on the hellboy and give him a home...but if you can't thanks for feeding him
    you are a good man
    for your concern and kindness toward one of the least of these

  17. Oh Hellboy has a home. In fact he has two homes. It is just that he wants to live where he used to - across the street from his one home and next door to his other. He is inside with me right now.

  18. Hi Suz, what a great kitty pose. Lovely photo of Boo.

    Thanks for stopping by my Walney Pond post. To answer your question, yes I have read all the Agatha Raisin mysteries by M.C.Beaton and am hoping for more. I seem to have become a voracious reader again as I was in my youth, just need my glasses more these days. In fact I think I am due for a stronger prescription :)

  19. Christopher...phew..that's good
    he's a cad isn't one owns him..but everybody loves him
    what a name Hellboy...says it all
    give him an earrub from me

  20. AH Denise...don't you just love that Agatha


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