Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a cleaning day today.
Real in cleaning out
This is avoided at all cost
because it never fails that I find things
that make this job that much longer
Like old photos
stuff of the heart
How it has managed to shift around to lie in these places
I will never figure out
but it does
Sometimes it is a sweet today's
and sometimes I need a whole box of tissues to get through it all
Above is my youngest daughter and her husband
below it my other daughter and her husband and the Finn
next to them are my Son and his wife and little miss and little master
sigh......I miss them all
maybe I'll finish these closets by Friday


  1. Aw I adore your family Suz! :)

    It is fun seeing pics of all of your children and grandchildren side-by-side, too!

    Save cleaning out the closets for a rainy day! (Maybe it is raining there?)

  2. Great photos and oh so true when we look at valued items from thge past

  3. smiles. you have a lovely is neat when cleaning out to stumble upon those memories...

  4. wonderful pics. wonderful family. i love the smiles...


  5. so nice to see your lovely family. must be on the same wave length - I started cleaning and got stuck on a box of stamps and inks .... the hours fly by and nothing makes it to the garbage! Oh well. We're creative, what can we do?

  6. Great photos!

    Good luck with the clearing out.

  7. You have a very precious family. I have to do that too and I usually find things that make me forget what I was doing in the first place, like those old photos.

  8. great pictures of a great family..

    happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen and happy to stop by today...

    it's always a pleasure

    kary and teddy

  9. A lovely family! I've been on a rampage of clearing out too -- one never knows how long it can take to sift through all that saved stuff.

  10. At least you've got the "moral fibre" to actually start cleaning. More than I can often say for myself!


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