Saturday, August 20, 2011

We escaped to Galena for the weekend...ahhhh
Yesterday was my husband's annual golf outing to raise money for the
Chicago Police Memorial Foundation
I tried to learn how to golf.....don't laugh you golfers
my instructor laughed...said I didn't have muscle memory
like in Little League Baseball boy memory.....girls didn't play way back then
and I don't think I would have anyway...even if I could
Anyway....I stink at golf
so yesterday I was like a duck swimming in cameras (did ya like that one?..clever use of photo?)
It was a fun day anyway....hanging around at dinnertime with the other
female non golfers....looking cute (as cute as a woman of my age can look :)
It was a long day....finishing with lights off for us at almost midnight
midnight.....yikes.......and up at 5:30 to get up and out the door by 6:30
My husband got dressed,packed his clothes for the weekend and pulled the car out of the garage
I had to make coffee.....clean up the coffee pot...take out the garbage,feed the cats..clean their boxes
make the bed....I always make the bed before leaving
ever since I heard my neighbor talking at a BBQ about how messy some people's houses are
anyway...I continued with other various household duties necessary before leaving
while he- who- must- be- ignored.....sat in the car sipping coffee, listening to the radio

phew.....that felt good snitching and whining

 We passed throught the most awful looking cloud formation...ominous and dark...dark dark
but as soon as we hit the lovely valleys of northweat was blue skies all the way
corn fields and soybean fields as lush as any that I can remember
and large amounts of cows and sheep in the pastures
and green, green ,green as far as the eye could see

But there were signs that things will be changing soon
signs like  OCTOBEREST

Not yet........not yet


  1. I'm sorry. but I'm ready... for cold nights, rain, sweaters and Halloween.

  2. i am so looking forward to least you got to enjoy the scenery of the gold course right? they usually have beautiful grounds...

  3. You know you are appreciated as the woman behind the man, the one who can stay cool under fire. I'd hate the hours though.

  4. Yes, Suz, I liked that one!! Just my kind of saying: "...a duck swimming in cameras..."

    That's one for my Junk Shop Quickies, which I haven't updated in a long while!! Smiles!


  5. Crap like that makes it pretty damn hard to live 1 day at a time!
    Just for pumpkins :)

  6. the duck is looking at me like i'm taking him away from there... LOL!



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