Monday, August 8, 2011

We went to the JoDavies county fair this weekend
...very small town America
We showed up in our fancy car and I think the guy charged us more
hee hee
But it was worth it

It did our hearts good to see the families
enjoying the hot summer day
the kids running, like they used to
happy and eating hot dogs and chasing each other 
Good to see the demolition derby...haven't seen one of those since I was a kid
and that's a long time ago
The people were so friendly
and happy
nothing fancy, just good summer fun
good summer corn on the cob
good cold beer
good baked goods
and of course the animals

My battery went caputskied before we hit the cows
but they were divine
every cow had a fan blowing on them
When we got to a building that said Hares...uh
I almost didn't go in...I have a childhood trauma
regarding rabbits in cages..but my husband got me to go inside
and I am sort of glad I did
they were all well taken care of, plenty of room, water and their fur
was gorgeous...unlike the memory I hold tightly bound in me
Cages with wire bottoms yes, but they seemed content
I asked the man in charge if this wire bothers their feet
he said most no, but one type yes, and they place wood boards in the cage for them
I wanted to take them all home...cows, ducks, roosters,sheep,horses
I guess I never grew up concerning animals
I want them all cared for and loved....
ha....but the farmers were all good to me and my attitude
I think inside they felt the same way
but life isn't that way and can't be
but it was good to see these animals well cared for

It was a wonderful weekend


  1. sounds like an incredible weekend...i love animals as well and know it was cool to see them...and the dmoe derby, have not been to one of those in ages...

  2. Nice to hear that you enjoyed your weekend as I am enjoying my first days in the US...

    Have a great week ahead...


  3. Sounds like a wonderful time at the fair!! I really long for the simple life---"the good old days" sometimes---more imagination in use and less technology!!! And I always wanted to live out in the country where I could have one of each animal---sheep, goat, cow. pig etc. A "mini" farm!!!

  4. I feel the same way about farm animals and would make a pretty terrible farmer (at least financially). I'm looking forward to visiting our local agricultural fair this August and soaking in the New England goodness before I head West - to rattlesnake country, lol.
    Thanks for your comments this week Suz, I really appreciate your support and kindness.

  5. Uma..may I be the scarecrow to your Dorothy

  6. Simple joy, there is nothing like it!

  7. time on the farm is fun,

    sheep/goats are playful...

    bless your day.

  8. We went to the fair last year for the first time in years, I loved it! Seeing the animals all groomed and happy, the people that so proudly care for them, pure Americana :)

  9. Lovely tribute to the fair. I love to talk to the farmers about their animals, they always have such pride, and a bit of sweet love. That helps me to know the animals are care for.

    The goodness of this fair gives me hope.

  10. Red, it is its best, you are right

    Marion...they do love their animals in a sweet way...even knowing that their lives may be they do it..I don't know...I'd have to be a bean eater for the rest of my life..still may be

  11. all those sweet sheep look freshly shorn! i love a good country fair, such a nice antidote to current events. thanks for sharing the pics, suz.


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