Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Jack's Babies

This is one of my baby squirrels that nested in the River birch tree
I love Thornton Burgess books...and his Happy Jack Squirrel

Lately I have heard squabbling and screeching coming from the nest
The smallest of them has a scrawny tail that is red... Orange red
He's rather shy and fast....haven't been able to get a good shot of him
But it seems all of them have bits of red in their fur
All my garden squirrels have had plain gray fur
until now....and this bunch is a warring clan

But this morning one of them brought me joy
as I opened the shutter and saw him munching away
at the left over bits of sunflower seeds that I put out last night
It rained all night....and I wondered about my critters in that storm
the Happy Jack squirrels in the tree
the mama cardinal sitting on her nest
the little sparrows in the houses toads....

Storms come to us all
and most of us survive them

Just now a shot of sunlight
broke through the clouds
Did you see it?



  1. Oh my! Hard to accommodate everyone and everything. In the winter I do see people feeding deer and birds and raccoon even. Come summer, we build our own territory, our garden favorites, and we want to keep all animals from destroying our handiwork.

    I've learned to tolerate a few things around here, but I still fret when my seedlings are chewed up before they have a chance to set new roots, before I've had even one meal.
    We are so territorial!

    1. I have given up on a veg garden....
      so I understand....but they do eat my baby rabbits.....but that's okay.....I plant many far too many to miss a few.....blessings Rosaria

  2. smiles....i love squirrels...they are so cool and playful...glad he took your offering...and that you got your bit of sunshine...smiles...

    1. ah sunshine.....potent medicine

  3. Replies
    1. remember....we will survive these storms Wrinks
      and I know that nature brings you comfort too
      thank you for sharing this with me

  4. Ohhhh, so cute. So glad you like squirrels. A lot of people here think they are just rodents. But I love the way they look at you so intently and stand up on their hind legs to see what is going on and munch, munch, munch away at some little thing held between their little squirrely hands .

    Yes, there was lots of sun here today!

    1. Hi Liv....fear not....home is where you are
      and you too will survive the storm on the horizon
      I just love little creatures
      like you do

  5. Beautifully loving post Suz, a reminder of the life and beauty that is on our doorstep.


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