Friday, May 18, 2012

This little fella turned four yesterday
In Laguna beach ,California
Not fair
But I honor my son's decision to make a life
for himself and his family where he chooses
and he is doing quite well
and I guess I have to admit that it  abounds in natural beauty
and our State of Illinois is just as tax and spend crazy
and full of corrupt politicians
only our governors actually go to prison
but that is another topic
It's my grandson I want to tell you about
He's firely independent
stubborn and brilliant
and this always brings a smile to my face
when I talk to my son about his son

His son is just like him
ha ha
I better take care of myself
because I want to be around to witness this


  1. Oh, he is a handsome boy. It must be hard to be so far away from him.

    Our oldest just bought a house in Portland, OR. There has been a continent between us for a few years now, and now it is more permanent. *sigh*

    But what do we raise our kids for but to have them seek their own way in the world?

    Oh, it is a double edged sword...

    1. ah we mothers....we bare it in our hearts

  2. What a handsome little boy! And it IS fun to see a little payback with our children. Just as I remember the first time I heard myself sounding like my mother...

    1. oh no...not that
      hee hee....and for father

  3. How amazing it must be to see the son of the son. Even more amazing to see him IN the son. This will be good, you'll see it!

  4. Always, when you see hints of the parent in a child, a whole life history pops up! I have only one grandchild, and I delight each time I discover all the things she is, all the wonderful parts of her that connect to other parts I've known. Enjoy him, and get yourself to California on winter days. You'll both get a good break.

    1. You are right..I see my husband in my daughter
      Could there be two like that? I wonder
      My grandson is adorable....and smart as they come...a little too smart for a 4 yr old....sometimes
      He's going to teach me how to use my IPad....he says

  5. his son is just like him...smiles....happy birthday to the little man...have a great weekend suz!

  6. Indeed that little one looks SMART! haha

    You are a lucky grandma, Suz, even if they are far away.
    Gosh, what would we do with out computers and emails and digital photos??

  7. I had to laugh at this Suz, because my daughters little girl is just as strong willed as she is. She was a handful as a toddler and the new, one, well, she surely takes a big bite out of life and it must be on her terms. I just sit back and smile and watch them all when she throws one of her fits. The circle of life sure is something and we are blessed to have lived long enough to see it, up close or from far away. Happy Birthday to that adorable little guy.

  8. ha ha it is a delight to see there will be pay back....and Im certain our parents got the same thing in some way
    But I wouldn't trade a minute of the tough times
    'cause now I'm Grandma
    and can get away with much
    and they run to me for hugs
    and cookies
    The wedding is getting close....I will be thinking of you.. you knockout

  9. Hi is very very cute. And how I understand the emotions of having your grandchildren so far away from you. Thanks goodness for Skype , although it doesn't help when all you want to do is kiss and cuddle them until they can't breath.

    1. Yes Skype! I even miss the old bull dog
      and he won't come to the camera on skype

  10. he looks so cute reading a book! happy birthday to him!!
    i keep telling my kids I will be their best baby-sitter ever if they just stick around here...time will see if it works....
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. did I see that right...MOM OF 8!!?!
      God Bless you
      and yes I raised a happy family
      too....only that son of mine is in love with California and I live in Illinois
      rats......but he visits frequently
      this time he stayed for a month and brought the dog...
      I'll stop by for a cup of tea....

  11. Replies
    1. oh he is Red...but a a good way
      kids got spunk


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