Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On the horizon

image by Raul Touzon

It is in the quiet house
that storms seem closer
When fear roars
When you  feel the cleaving of your heart
louder than the crash of lightning
You think you are prepared
for the torrential downpour to come
but as your heart cracks and falls to the floor
you know this is not true
and you 
reach up your hands
 for grace

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  1. I feel that way often when all the kids and chaos leave. The place often echoes with my own fears when they are gone. When everyone is there we are can put it away for a while, talking, laughing...But it is good that you know that you are never alone.

    1. Wrinks, I know that you feel this way sometimes
      lose is a storm
      that makes you feel like you are alone on a fissure of the earth
      and grace is love
      a balm

  2. Grace is what you already own when you feel that cleaving. Beautiful expression for temporary goodbyes.

    I take it the little ones have gone home, and bulldog too?

    1. I wish it were only that
      but it is more
      this goodbye is near and final
      and for such a wee one

    2. :( Praying for you Suz

  3. that surrender to grace is a beautiful thing too...cause we know we have no control...

    1. yes Brian it is.....and letting go of the "why"
      made easier
      I appreciate your words

  4. Ah Suz, this hit close to home for me.. (for some reason your words have a way of doing that!) For me, its been two years this week since we woke up in the middle of the night to intruders in house.. it's also the first time I've had to stay in a house alone, and of course I couldn't fall asleep because I was so scared. Ugh. I was scared and frustrated and angry to the point of a LOT tears.. it was not pretty!! But i finally fell asleep..and I woke up to sun shining in the next morning and it was good :)

    1. it has been 2 years? wow...
      I think I would have the same residual fears....but it can't take hold of you....be prepared...alarms, motion lights, a dog,keep a weapon of some kind handy...maybe a bat....take self defense classes
      and trust that the same Lord who protected you that night still does
      blessings to you Sara always

  5. In an electrical storm, it makes sense to either pull out the phone plug or yell out for Grace to do it for you! :-)

  6. Abundant, overflowing grace to you, Suz...


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